See if We Can Guess Your Pet’s Name?

What’s in a name?’ quipped Shakespeare but if you see it from a dog’s perspective, its everything.

The rich sense of smells and sounds apart, the most gifted of our canine friends have a vocabulary of about 300 odd words. In this set is contained everything – toys, treatstrains and you.  

Yet there is a sound to which dogs’ ears are best attuned to, that of their name. But a dog’s name isn’t just a name… it is what gets included one way or the other in your passwords or sign offs in your greeting cards 🙂

The curious cat at Dog with Blog had her hat on last evening and suggested a guess game.

Can we guess your pet’s name without vowels?

Write in your pet’s name without any vowels and other people have to guess what it is.

e.g. If your pet’s name is Pixie… scribble P_x_ _

pet's name without vowels

Let us know your cat or dog’s name (with missing vowels) in the comments below and we will guessing it!

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