Dog writes an open letter to the ladies – Happy Women’s Day!

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Mar 08, 2017

happy women's day
happy womens day dog
Happy Women’s Day!

Dear Ladies,

Happy Women’s day!

Through the tides of time you’ve held us, healed us and found us homes. There for sure are worlds and words that we dogs know nothing of. But like Forrest Gump we know what love is. 

You are the little girl who donated all her savings to buy bulletproof vests for police dogs. And the vet who traversed continents and oceans to look after us in the Himalayas. The lady who took home the stray pups ― Elsa and Hope and also the fairy tale granny who looks after hundreds of dogs.  

You are the flight attendant who diminished distance in long-distance love and also the girl who rescued Kanchi. Our poem in a world of prose, you are the picture of grace, the face of friendship and also the resistance battling religious zealots.  

You are love and all it’s couplets there ever were.

It’s funny how they say of us, dogs ― ‘Man’s best friend‘… well a man said that. We are best friends to Humans irrespective of the gender

From all of us dogs out here, here’re Big, Warm Bear Hugs your way!

Errr…Dog Hugs!

Happy Women’s Day, ladies!

We love you! 

The Dog

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