The Lady with the Dog

the lady with the dog
The lady with the dog. ~Image courtesy Swaroop Rao Lawrence

All that’s grace and poise,
elegance and trance,
I found neither in tapestries
nor tiara
but in a lady with her dog.

‘Adopted is my favorite breed’, proclaims Aakriti Bamniyal.

Our favorite Vet Cathie, currently on an assignment in Greece, shares a relaxed moment with a rescued dog.

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Still waiting for love? Adopt a dog!

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Here’s Candy and Neha for you. Candy is a rescued stray from Assam. She loves belly rubs and giving sloppy kisses.

lady with the dog

Still looking for all that elegance and grace in a closet full of designer clothes? Come find it instead in the eyes of a dog, and we promise you, no mirror could have reflected your poise and grace with such purity and elegance! And if you have one such moment captured, share it with us. Be our Lady with the Dog.

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