Happy Dog Day!

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Our true companions never have less than four feet. ~Featuring Sukhda with Sher Singh.

“The signs of wisdom”, the old man said, “are the realizations that the volume knob also turns left and the fact that best of friends come with a tail and a cold, wet nose”.

If friends are the family you choose…it’s apt that the dogs are called Best friends. It takes time for us to give in to this realization, but eventually when the noise fades out; it’s in woofs that humans find their true companionship. Ridicule me, if you may but human friendships are not evolved enough to see through the day. The complexities in relations are way beyond our canine sense.

Happy Dog Day!

The cauldron we keep comes sans stress. Dogs can help you reduce the risk of having a heart attack. Studies have found that patting a dog when you are stressed can lower your heart rate. We keep it simple here, we don’t resort to fancy greeting cards, wristbands or forwarded SMS to proclaim our friendship but instead, we do what matters the most, we live everything that your Hallmark card reads and even more. Hence, it’s fitting that I announce this day as Dog Day.

Happy Dog Day , dog wet nose
The best of friends come with a cold, wet nose.

Vanity, you say? Blame it on the company of cats I keep these days 🙂

If you have a best friend, go and pet him. If you don’t, go and save one. Don’t buy.

Happy Dog Day!

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