Dogs for adoption in India

dogs for adoption
Dogs for adoption India | There are too many homeless dogs for adoption. Please choose to adopt and give yourself the companionship you deserve.
So you have made up your mind to gift yourself the awesomeness that is a dog. Now comes the tricky part when you are bombarded with the breeder ads. Trust me the marketers, e-commerce portals and pet grooming sites would do a phenomenal job to pique your interest in exotic breeds who don’t fare that well in India.

However, even before you begin to explore dog adoption, you must consider if you are ready for one.

Do you really want a dog?

Well, if you ask me, yes is the answer always. But then, getting a dog is a full-time responsibility. Yes, you are going to make great furry memories but there are also little things that go under the radar –

  • Commitment – Dogs aren’t just for puppy days but for life. Are you ready to commit for 10-12 years?
  • Expenses – There would be bills – food, vaccinations, veterinary costs, etc.
  • Time – from daily walks to planning vacations, you’ll be sharing your life with them.

If you are ready for the dog and the adventures to come, please share your details below for staying updated with dog adoption posts in India.

Dog Adoption in India

“I want to buy a dog” but WHY?

You didn’t buy your lover, your best friend, your spouse so why buy your best friend?

It is never the breed, but the loyal loving heart that determines how cool a dog is and every dog is a loyalist. Humans, however, need training.

Be a hero and adopt a dog!

In most cases, breeders just run it as a business with little to no regard for the dog. When you choose to not buy but adopt, you help put a stop to cruel practices like puppy mills i.e. mass breeding of puppies for profit.

Adopt a pet

Consider adopting, always!

Remember, House + Dog = Home

Another rewarding aspect of adoption is the special bond you’d develop with the rescued dog. Read from those who adopted – Opening up your heart to the homeless dog results in a close bond for life.

Adopt a pet


Be a hero to the dogs. Adopt!

Why do you want a dog?

Every other week at Dog with Blog, we get requests from people who are relocating overseas to help them find a home for their pets. As irate as it makes us, we can’t help but wonder if these people would do the same for their kids? When you get a dog, you get it for life. It may mean relocation, transfers, weddings, divorces, kids, and everything in between but must not you abandon the dog.


Adopt a pet!

If you are in one of the metros, and searching for dogs to adopt – please reach out to these NGOs and shelters in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai. You may also spend time there volunteering or fostering a dog in need to understand the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Reconsider. Pause.

Say to yourself aloud, I am not getting a fitness app, a security guard or a babysitter but a dog. A family member. If this thought has sunk in, you are ready for a dog.

Are you getting a dog to be a fun playmate for the children, or for accompanying an older person on quiet walks? Do you want him to go jogging with you, or is he going to be guarding the house?

dogs for adoption India

Is it the right time to adopt a dog?

For a homeless dog, it’s always a good time to be adopted. But don’t let him down by bringing him home, and then deciding that it’s simply not the right time for you. Dogs take lots of care and attention – and that means time – especially when they first come home. Is this the right time in your life to take on this huge commitment?

What kind of dog do you want?

This has more to do with your lifestyle and the accommodation you can provide the pet. You may come across a mastiff for adoption but, you live in an apartment with no open spaces around. Perhaps you should rather adopt a smaller dog.

Whichever dog you adopt, you need to provide him with a loving home, the open space, exercise, and a relatively cooler temperature. Try befriending pups or dogs near your home, believe me, it is far easier than it sounds. Who knows, you might find your best friend there.

The best dog for Indian conditions

Adopt a dog india

To stay updated with dog adoptions across India, you may contact us.

Adopt a dog or cat, these furry friends need a home.

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