Dog Adoption Guide : What You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Dog

dog adoption guide

So you’ve decided to adopt a dog?


By adopting a dog, not only would you help an otherwise homeless pooch find a forever home but also set a great example for others to follow suit.

In partnership with Himalaya Companion care, we’ve brought this Dog Adoption Guide to help you make the decision of adopting a dog from impulse to conscious.

Dog Adoption Guide – What you need to know before you adopt a dog?

What Kind of Dog Should You Adopt?

Before you bring home the happiness that’s a dog, please consider his age, size, grooming needs, health issues and activity level.

It wouldn’t make sense to adopt a large dog if you live in a small flat. Similarly furry breeds’ native to hills won’t be comfortable in a weather settings of say Chennai or Delhi.

Go for a high energy dog if you have an active lifestyle. You’d, in this case, be required to channelize your dog’s energies by stimulation games – tips and tricks and exercises else you might see yourself complaining that ‘My dog is destructive as he tears household items apart’.

Similarly if you’ve a sedentary lifestyle – more of office hours and the like, go for a dog with a matching energy level.

‘The biggest fear that many a prospective pet parents have is that the dog isn’t going to get along well with them,’ says Sunny, CUPA Centre Manager, ‘but all it takes so often is just a friendly pat in the head.’

Your dog needs to get along with everyone in the household so please ensure that kids, other cats/dogs at home, the adults are taken in consent so that there’s no unfortunate case of later giving up on the dog.

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Where to Adopt the Dog?

From the nearest local shelter to an online rescue group, you can adopt a dog from several places.  Spend some time with dogs at the shelter, not only to know them better in terms of energy and temperament but also learn something about yourself in the process.

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Adopting is senior dog is much more rewarding – not just in terms of the sheer nobility of it but also because of the love and gratitude that comes as a part of the bundle.

What to do once you’ve adopted the dog?

Your dog will be adjusting to an entirely new environment. Much of what’s common place and normal to you, may startle your pooch, from sights and sounds to smells.

Dog-proof the area where your pooch will spend most of his time during the first few months. Electrical cords, poisonous houseplants, and any item small enough to swallow are just a few of the things that should be out of his reach.

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You need to be patient with your dog and work slow and easy to build a relationship with him. Not only will this give him a sense of stability and security but will also help him get comfortable with housemates.

  • Ensure that your dog carries an ID tag with your phone number on it so that he has an extra measure of safety.
  • Take your newly adopted dog to the veterinarian so that necessary vaccinations and general health checkups can be done.
  • Your dog must get plenty of exercise, socialization and attention as all of it leads to build a healthy and happy relationship.

One of the biggest reasons why people give up dogs is because they’ve had a baby. This is extremely sad and akin to giving up on a life as you intend to welcome another. Dogs and kids make the best of friends, if only people realized it!

Babies who grow up with dogs have much better immune system as cited in many a scientific studies.

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Remember that adopting a puppy is like having a baby. Also, abreast yourself with this illustrious guide to understand the body language of dogs.

So be patient and let the fun and frolic begin 🙂

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  1. Adopting a dog is a great adventure. Remember that you give second chance to another animal being. Be sure though that your choice is thought through and just follow the guide in this article. Good luck!

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