CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre gets a makeover

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre
CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre – Homeless animals get a new leash at life. The colour ‘Orange’, represents happiness and warmth, as per the colour psychology.

CUPA, the well known Bangalore based animal welfare NGO was founded by an English lady, Ms Cystal Rogers, in October 1991. An animal lover, Crystal, was travelling to New Zealand in 1959 when she stopped by in India and was taken aback by the plight of the stray animals.

She abandoned her travel plans and set up “The Animals Friend” in New Delhi, in 1959. In 1978, she founded “Help in Suffering” in Jaipur and in 1991, she founded Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA) in Bangalore.

In case you are in Bangalore, we suggest you meet a few furry pals at CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre.  They look after the street animals, injured and homeless, and also run dog adoptions in Bangalore.

The shelter has facilities for Animal Birth Control (ABC) and looks after the animals with the utmost care and affection.  Most of the dogs there are cases of abandonment or abuse at the hands of their owners or rescued from breeders.

The shelter recently underwent a vibrant makeover.

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre was opened in March 2018. Spread across a 2-acre property in Dommasandra it has ample space for the dogs to be socialized and rehabilitated. You can find over a hundred dogs sheltered at the centre at any given time!

Activities that CUPA handles vary from providing animal shelters to handling cruelty cases. They are also involved in Canine Therapy which involves the interaction of children and aged people with the animals.

The shelter provides rescue and relief to injured, ill and abandoned dogs along with helping them rehabilitate. The centre has got a renewed vigour from this exercise to welcome the needy dogs and volunteers with a refreshing smile.

Laboratory Beagles adoption
Laboratory Beagles get a second chance at life

The dog kennels have all been given adorable nameplates in the shape of bones! Whilst cute and quirky posters are put across the walls of the adoption center to drive adoptions and motivate people to adopt instead of buying. Himalaya Companion Care goodies like Erina Shampoo, Erina Powder, Fur Glow, Liv.52, and FreshCoat have been provided by the company under their drive Build a Bond to help the stray and abandoned animals.

Witness the makeover of CUPA Second Chance Adoption Center in this video montage:

How you can help?

Choose to adopt!

The adoption procedure at CUPA is very simple. You can visit CUPA’s premises, meet the dogs in need of a home and post your background check – and home verification, you can get your new best friend home. your residential details. Their staff is really helpful to assist with the entire adoption process.

CUPA also supports post adoption with vet visits or tele-call guidance.

You can also sponsor an animal at CUPA in case your current lifestyle doesn’t allow you to adopt. It is an arrangement where the shelter looks after the well-being of your adoptee. You can also support them by donating old newspapers, magazines etc.

Please don’t buy pets

When you buy from a breeder, you inadvertently end up supporting the puppy mills. There are millions of homeless animals if we stop supporting puppy mills and breeders by not ‘buying’ from them and instead adopting – it may mean a world of difference for the strays and homeless.

And if you have a pet already, promise yourself not to dump him for any reason.

Be a champion of the canine cause, volunteer and visit the rescue centers. If you can’t adopt because of any reason, try fostering.  It would help you better understand the dog’s behavior and prepare you for the joy that’s the dog!

Have you adopted a dog?

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8 thoughts on “CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre gets a makeover”

  1. Black pet dog has been abandoned on the road. It does not look like street dog. It is limping. Street dogs are barking at it. Please help.
    It is moving around. Last seen today in the green ground Near Kumari Amaranthine appartment
    Doddakannelli – Kaadubeesanahalli Rd, near GEAR International School, Adarsh Palm Retreat, Doddakannelli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560035

  2. We have rescued a stray dog. She has been treated for tick fever spondulosys. Can she be given permanent shelter at CUPA. We will pay the necessary charges.

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