CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre gets a makeover; pets get chance at a new life!

CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre

The colour ‘Orange’, represents happiness and warmth, as per the colour psychology.

In case you are in Bangalore we suggest you meet few furry pals at CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre.  The shelter recently underwent a vibrant makeover thanks to Himalaya Companion Care.

The shelter provides rescue and relief to injured, ill and abandoned dogs along with helping them rehabilitate. The center has got a renewed vigor from this exercise to welcome the needy dogs and volunteers with a refreshing smile.

Laboratory Beagles adoption
Laboratory Beagles get a second chance at life

The dog kennels have all been given adorable nameplates in the shape of bones! Whilst cute and quirky posters are put across the walls of the adoption center to drive adoptions and motivate people to adopt instead of buying. Himalaya Companion Care goodies like Erina Shampoo, Erina Powder, Fur Glow, Liv.52, and FreshCoat have been provided by the company under their drive Build a Bond to help the stray and abandoned animals.

Witness the makeover of CUPA Second Chance Adoption Center in this video montage:

How you can help?

Choose to adopt!

When you buy from a breeder, you inadvertently end up supporting the puppy mills. And if you have a pet already, promise yourself not to dump him for any reason.

Be a champion of the canine cause, volunteer and visit the rescue centers. If you can’t adopt because of any reason, try fostering.  It would help you better understand dog’s behavior and prepare you for the joy that’s the dog!

Have you adopted a dog?

Participate in our #AdoptHappiness Contest and inspire others to adopt too!

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