University erects statue in memory of beloved campus dog

University erects statue in memory of beloved campus dog

Anyone who has ever sweated it out in the campus corridors knows just how grueling the battle for grades is. The never ending lectures, projects, exams and did we mention the dreaded dissertations?

The only respite from this heat ― canine friendly campuses of course!

From Google headquarters in California to this British brewery, dogs are known to wag away distress to delight! The University of East Anglia (UEA) campus knows it best because of their beloved campus pooch, affectionately called ‘Cloud dog’.

University erects statue in memory of beloved campus dog

Boudicca, the fluffy Samoyed, better known as the ‘Cloud Dog’ by students of University of East Anglia (UEA) became a cultural icon on campus. Routinely spotted all over the university, this fluffier than clouds pooch became so popular that he went on to win Big Name On Campus (BNOC) in 2015!

Cloud dog was such an integral part of students’ daily lives that there were online groups and communities curated just to announce her whereabouts on campus so that students could meet her.

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Given their love for the Cloud dog, the students were devastated when she passed away last October because of arthritis complications.

Cloud dog university

The student community was more than eager to honour the heritage of the canine who had brought much-needed joy in their stressed lives just by being herself, a fluffy friendly dog.

So this March, the Student Union thought of a unique way to get students to vote in the council elections:

A staggering record vote by 3,669 students ensured that the unofficial mascot of the campus got a glorious 10 ft statue erected in the campus.

Here’s raising a toast to the cloud dog and his fans!

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