Coco movie review – the best Pixar movie in recent years!

coco movie dog

Before they began churning our bland sequels, Pixar studios had a pedigree boasting the likes of Toy Story, Finding Nemo, WALL-E, and Up. It took a long time coming but the renaissance for Pixar studios seems here with Coco.

Vivacious and vibrant, colorful and cultural, Coco tugs all the right strings.

Coco movie review

The plot revolves around a young Mexican boy, Miguel Rivera, who brings his family together with his love for music. His greatest desire in life is to be a musician like his idol, the fictional legend Ernesto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, his family despises music as his great-great-grandmother was abandoned by her musician husband.

During the annual Day of the Dead festivities – wherein families remember and honor their dead relatives,  Miguel gets spirited away to the Land of the Dead.  An afterlife realm which is anything but morbid!

Coco movie review

Miguel meets a charming trickster Hector, and together, they venture to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

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Japanese maestro Hayao Miyazaki’s art comes to fore in Coco as he paints a vivid and dreamlike canvas with Dragon-tigers, goofy skeletons and shimmering marigolds.

Apart from the visual specter, Coco has so much else to offer ― Mexican culture, an ode to intergenerational family ties, an improbable dream, the price or the vanity of being a celebrity…

The movie’s title is endearingly dedicated to Miguel’s great-grandmother Mamá Coco. Left heartbroken by her dad’s disappearance, she reminisces her bygone days in silence.

coco grandma
Look at those wrinkles on Grandma Coco, so photorealistic!

Now as for why this dog reviewed this movie?

Coco features an adorable sidekick, a goofy stray dog named Dante. He is a Xoloitzcuintli, a breed native to Central America, also known as the Mexican Hairless.

Xolo dogs feature prominently in Aztec (Mexica) culture. According to legend, in order to make the journey through the afterlife, you need to have one of these Xolo dogs with you.

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Go ahead and watch this heartfelt film. A sheer delight for kids and anyone who still remembers being one.

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Remembering my first dog friend, Snoopy!

Remembering my first dog
“Whatever you are looking for, is also looking for you” ~ Rumi.

Little is the time we get with our truest friends, dogs. Their lives too short, hearts too swell. In this guest post, Monika reminisces her first pet, Snoopy.

Remembering my first dog

We never knew what selfless love is until we met SNOOPY!

Snoopy our love, was a desi dog, innocent and immaculate. I first met her on a summer night. There she was a lifesize teddy bear tiptoeing my dad’s footsteps. My father had late night office hours those days and it soon became Snoopy’s habit to follow my father (maybe she wanted to be part of the family). We too became habitual of seeing him patting and feeding her.

We never raised a pet before we met Snoopy. It was only later that we realized that she was an abandoned dog.

Oh did I tell you, we named her after the beloved dog in Peanuts?

Remembering my first dog

One monsoon evening when my mother went out to feed Snoopy, she could not find her at the usual place. We called her repeatedly but she did not come. We had that sinking feeling you get when someone precious goes missing.

The next morning my mother found Snoopy a little far from the home. Someone had hit her and she was unable to walk. Despite her fractured leg, her tail still swayed with love. We brought her home that morning. From here on, she was our adopted pet.

Life with dogs is a world in itself and we found ours with Snoopy. Her little mischiefs kept us busy all day long. As soon as I’d reach home, she was the first to jump upon and hug me.

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Through the seasons, Snoopy was always there for us. Her mere presence draining away all the day’s debris. Once when I was home alone, a little timid teenager, she watched over me the entire night. There she was my dark knight guarding me against creatures of the dark.

She played many an avatar – my guardian, the best friend and soul sister.  To my parents, she was their daughter, cherished and pampered way more than us. And she deserved it all!

I still hope that someday she’d return to our family in another form. Dogs don’t die. She will always be cherished by us. The memorable time that we spent with her is priceless.

She wasn’t just a dog but family.

All dogs are…

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