How living with dogs made my life stress free?

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Friend, a word, thrown so casually in our daily conversations that it has lost the very essence of its meaning.

And what about love?

Special educator Anuradha Kurup knows this and reserves these words with Genuity, sparingly for humans.

From being scared of animals — to rescuing abandoned pets and injured street animals, hers has been a journey of tail wags, woof, meows and more.

Here’s her journey in her own words…

Living with dogs made my life stress free!

My companionship with dogs began with little Grumble, a three-week-old pup adopted by my son from a shelter. Unfortunately, the time we had with him was way too brief as the poor pup pushed for the rainbow bridge.

living with dogs made my life stress free

Grieved by this tragic loss — we came across the adoption update of three-month-old Husky-Spaniel mix pups. It gave our melancholic hearts a new found hope.

Blizzard named so as he’s a whirlwind of activity ripping through the home. While Phoenix has a literal meaning behind his name – arising from the dead like Undertaker.

Little did we know that our home and lives would never be the same again.

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Daily walks, playtime and of course laughter and fun became an integral part of our everyday life. Stress wagged away by a couple of tails and a woof and then some.

Friendly Community Dogs
Friendly Community Dogs at a Biodiversity Park

In clockwork, the world of community animal care opened up to us. And also the terror of animal abuse. Abandoned pets, accident victims left to die by the roadside… At first, it was all too horrible to even read about, let alone handle.

stress free dogs

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But then the question loomed large over us – If not Us, then Who? If not Now, then When?

What dogs taught me?
When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.
When it’s in your best interest, practice obedience.

Let others know when they have invaded your territory.
Take naps and stretch before rising.
Run, and play daily.

Be Loyal.
Never pretend to be something you are not.
Avoid biting when a simple growl will do.
No matter how often you get scold, run right back and make friends.

Bond with your pack.
Delight in the simple joy of a long walk.
Long after you are gone,
remain a memory, in your loved ones’ dreams.

cats backyard
Feral cats in Anuradha’s backyard.

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The dog who lost an eye BUT not the will to live, forgive or love!

dog who lost an eye

It takes a dollop of Sunshine, the true grit of a survivor and cuteness personified to become what this little doggo is!

In this guest post, Sohini shares the story of Swami — a desi pup who suffered a severe accident but fought his way out to life. Recuperated now, after grueling months of agony, he is bringing unbridled happiness to his family 24*7.

Over to Sohini…

Swami, the dog who lost an eye but won all the hearts!

“I first met Swami when he came to live with my friend as a foster puppy. All of one month or less, the orphan pup had a close brush with death when a vehicle ran over his face.

Thankfully some good Samaritans rushed him to the hospital and he survived.

one eye dog

Never before had I seen a life so tiny – brave such trauma and yet come out of it as a champion! Also why I call him the happiest dog ever?  Because he is!

Nothing suppresses his elation about everything. Even with all that pain and surgeries, he would still wag his tail and try nuzzling against our palms.

His never-say-die attitude paints other facets of his life as well. Despite knowing that some grown-up dogs in our building didn’t wish to play with him, he dances alongside them till they give in to his cute antics. In the words of the great Master Yoda, “The force is strong with you, young Padawan!”

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Now, little Swami is a little more than 6 months old, with a personality that would shadow the brightest of all personalities. My friend fell in love with him so much that he wriggled himself into a forever home with her.

Swami now lives with his human parents and also has a doggie brother and three doggie sisters.

help one eye dog

Swami is not mine, but the pup makes my day when he comes prancing towards me with a glee in his eye and joy on his face whenever I call him “Swaaaaaaaaami…. ” as in Malgudi Days’.

Human cruelty knows no bounds. Remember Haatchi, the dog who was left to be run over by the train?

Thankfully, there’s also an infinite capacity in the human heart for compassion as Swami’s story echoes — all that dogs need is a chance!

Look around, there may be another Swami near you. You are his hope. Be his hero! #AdoptDontShop

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