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Your dogs deserve the best. Dog health and wellness tips from the experts.

Pets are precious and we know that you want the best for them. Much more than fancy collars or plush toys, they need you. For all that our pets offer us – love, loyalty, and companionship, they need us to care for them. Whether you’re an experienced pet parent or thinking of adopting a puppy, discover how to keep your pet healthy and happy

But more than anything else, your pets need your Love & time. The social animals that they are, dogs thrive in company of people. Make time for them every day ― cuddling, playing, belly rubs or simply staying close by

From training and grooming to nutrition and exercise, there are aspects to caring for your dog. Make sure your dog is healthy and happy with helpful pet parenting tips on vaccinations, common diseases, food & nutrition and more.

Here’s how to keep your pets happy and healthy.

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Dog care Diwali

Festivities, so often, are a dreaded time for our furry friends.

Diwali, synonymous with lights and crackers, takes a toll on countless cats and dogs, among other animals like human beings. From the pestilent fumes that get engulfed by the child labor employed in Sivakasi to the plight of heart patients, smoke and sound aren’t always cherished…

Since you are here, our guess is you have recently adopted that bundle of happiness everyone calls, a dog. Congratulations, you are in for an adventure of a lifetime!

While it is amazing to show your dog around, indulge in playtime and contemplate training and travel with him, there’s more to pet parenting and it includes the ‘boring stuff’ too. But as with life, the relatively dull things are often for the best and routine vet visits are just as critical as your visits to the dentist

It’s that time of the year again – the monsoons. Cometh the clouds, cometh the risk of flea, tick and the mosquitoes. The latter in particular pose a grave threat as mosquito bites can also transmit other dreaded diseases.

But don’t you worry…

Dog people almost always have doubts with regard to human food for dogs – is it safe to be shared with dogs or not? We know how difficult it is to resist those hopeful doggie eyes that look at you while you eat your chocolate. Can a little treat be this harmful for your dog? What human foods are acceptable for use as dog food?…

We all know that dogs, the little (and sometimes big) bundles of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement need their daily exercise. Veterinarians agree that on average, dogs should participate in one hour of exercise per day for their physical well-being. And it’s good for their humans’ too!

The research from Michigan State University found dog owners were 34% more..

There is nothing like that fresh puppy smell, isn’t it?

We all know how dogs love to run and roll around in the mud or jump atop leaves in a puddle. And with all this fun and frolicking, a shower isn’t that far…

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