How to help dogs in Diwali?

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  • Oct 30, 2013

Dog care Diwali

Festivities, so often, are a dreaded time for our furry friends.

Diwali, synonymous with lights and crackers, takes a toll on countless cats and dogs, among other animals like human beings. From the pestilent fumes that get engulfed by the child labor employed in Sivakasi to the plight of heart patients, smoke and sound aren’t always cherished. The blitzkrieg, however, will go on despite monitoring agencies warning of the unprecedented increase in levels of pollutants.

help dogs Diwali

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The ensuing noise and smell of napalm in air trembles the dogs, quite like many humans, I know. Many unfortunate homeless creatures get fatally injured or die in the name of celebrations.

Dog Diwali - 10 tips to help stray dogs diwali , How to help dogs this Diwali
How to help dogs this Diwali? – A cracker free Diwali for dogs.

The true essence of a festival is in spreading the love. With the same idea, here are some tips for having Diwali celebrations with a concern for the cats and canines, the canary and the cows.

How to help dogs in Diwali? 

  1. Pledge to say no to crackers. Ask others too.
  2. Ask the naysayers to at least burst crackers in a limited and a centralized location so that animals can be kept off it during the fireworks.
  3. Take your dog for a walk during the day before the fireworks begin.
  4. Lower the windows to cease the aftermath of cracker bursts. Turn up the volume on the television or radio to help shield the noise.
  5. Ensure to reprimand/report anyone teasing stray animals. (No tying crackers to tails or hurling a live fire on an innocent animal. Read: All animals are innocent.)
  6. Help any animals on the road into your garden or garage and put food and water for them.
  7. Put posters in your society/school/college/office notice board to be kind to stray animals.
  8. Consult a veterinarian if your pets are showing acute discomfort or distress from loud noises or smoke.
  9. Keep a list of local NGO contacts/municipal boards/ vet(s) in case you find an injured animal in your locality or on the road. Keep a first-aid kit ready with you too.
  10. The loose hanging electricity cords used for decoration may tempt the dog as playthings and they run a risk of getting entangled or electrocuted. Keep them off reach from your pets.
  11. Lamps and candles should be kept out of a pet’s reach to avoid accidental fire or burns.
  12. Ensure that your pets are wearing identification tags with your contact information.
  13. Don’t leave your pets home alone.
  14. Wrap them in their favourite blanket to make them feel safe.
noise free diwali, How to help dogs this diwali

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Diwali!

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5 Replies to “How to help dogs in Diwali?”

  1. I am totally in favour of saying no to crackers coz I know how these tiny beings get scared especially street furry babies.. I will share your article on my face book also so that each reaches to maximum people and they learn to say big NO to crackers .. 🙂

  2. Super post. It hurt me to see the condition several stray dogs were in last night. Not much of a happy Diwali for them! I was glad to see some of them taken indoors by a helpful security guard.

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