About Dog with Blog

About Dog with Blog

What do we write about when we write about Dog with Blog?

I’m not a solitary bark… I’m the mute pup you saw midst scorching summer, I’m the lame dog who has bore the brunt of countless stones and still worse abuses, I’m the thirsty canine you hushed away.

Looking to adopt a dog? 

I’m the one you have referred to as your best friend since time immemorial… I’m a dog.

Discover the dog; his musings and wanderings. Adoption updates, anecdotes, and rants – The world, as seen through the words of a dog. The literate canine with a grammar handicap.

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  1. Great blog! Enjoyed reading every post. 🙂
    I’d certainly be a regular visitor to this space.

  2. your a great person that loves dogs i love dogs i have one named max but i call him maxie and he is a golden retiver and half yellow lamb hes only 3 years old and hes turning 4 in the summer i love him so much becuase hes so cute btw right now hes siting on me and liking me well hope every body likes dogs just like every body elts.

  3. A different perspective of looking at the world. I’m afraid of dogs, but today itself a puppy came to my house accidentally and the whole day my family members were talking about it. Its quite co-incidental that I’m reading this blog today.

    1. Perhaps it’s a divine signal:) The pup finding your doorstep of all others, who knows if he knew that unlike other houses yours’ is a home. As for afraid part, believe you me, they are just friendships waiting to be formed. Try patting one of them one of these days, I will wait to hear from you…

  4. I am so glad my friend, maverickbird.wordpress.com recommended your blog to me. I spent 4 months in India and fell in love with the feral dogs. I wrote two posts on them!

    1. It always inflates my heart with affection to know of the kind hearts who see the less fortunate animals in the same light as pedigree. I would love to read your posts and host one from you for the guest posts:) Thanks to the maverick bird for connecting us!

      1. I am sending you the links to the two posts I wrote on dogs in India. They were a wonderful surprise and we got very attached, naming and feeding them scraps from dinner..

        Enjoy! Namaste. . . . Anne

  5. I just loved your blog!!! I am big time Animal Lover with a special corner for Dogs!! I have 2 dogs and i know what they mean to me!!! I loved ur posts and whatever you are writing means a lot 🙂 great work buddy – Kruti

      1. hey i just posted the links on your facebook page myself 🙂 🙂 !!!!! You are a great person!!!! your posts are really touching and of great meaning!!!

  6. I am very happy to read your posts. They are amazing! Here is one more ardent lover of dogs adding to your reader’s list. 🙂

  7. I’m teaching Dogs in Literature at Bergin University of Canine Studies and would like permission to use your translation of Yudhisthira’s Dog – Tales from the Mahabarat in my class. Please. Thank you.

  8. Oh WOW (woof oh woof) I am so going to enjoy your blog. Tell me about those stones between your toes. I’ve got a lot of mountains to climb in Scotland, raising money for good causes (dogs helping people) and the stones are excruciating.
    Anyway you sound like a nice little chap so I’m going to keep reading all about you.
    I would love it if you wanted to drop in on me sometime for a wag, way.

    Love Ben xx

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