You need to see the cutest dentist dog in the world!

dog at clinic The staff at the Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook

It’s been a fair decade of listening to humans whisper in my furry ears of how there ain’t nothing that hurts like a heartbreak. “Alright“, I wish to say to them, “But have you ever visited a dentist?

From the monochrome uniforms to the layers of ammonia induced smells, there’s little that can be called welcoming once you make your way through the gallows that are a dentist’s doors’. Sometimes I wonder if Arkham asylum would have been more welcoming.

Thankfully, there’s but one clinic which knows just what to add to the dreary scene, creating delight for the patients and the staff alike. Meet JoJo — the furry assistant on staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook, in Illinois. Like her colleagues, she ensures that anxious young patients actually enjoy coming in.

The cutest dentist dog in the world!

cutest dentist dog in the world
Smiles are my business!

JoJo, the trained comfort dog is skilled at calming anxious patients. At the point when children come in for checkups, particularly those with special needs, the sweet pup is there to offer her adoring presence — which is so often the most potent drug any patient would need!

“A lot of the time, those patients would need nitrous oxide or other sedative to help them relax, But when JoJo comes in with them and sits in the chair, they’re comforted. They can just sit and pet her as they’re getting their teeth cleaned. She’s does a great job with them.

When the patients are very anxious or scared, they tend to move around a lot. When JoJo is there, the appointments go much smoother and quicker for them. And the doctor gets to perform the work as it’s meant to be done.”

~ Veronica Renteria, staff member

dog helping dentist

Making the dreaded visits to the dentists a delight, JoJo’s natural remedy also helps the facility keep costs down for simple procedures. And to top it all,  a friendly pooch to hold needs no prescription!

dog helping patients

The best at what she does, JoJo ensures that once having visited her, both kids and their parents have an added incentive to follow up religiously for regular checkups. The patients who were earlier apprehensive about visiting the clinic now look forward to their appointments. And that’s no mean achievement!

Thank you Jojo, how we wish every dentist adopts a dog! Here’s to the smiles 🙂

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