Body Language of Dogs – a ready reckoner!

understanding body dog language of dog

The body language of dogs is relatively easy as compared to humans – they growl when they are angry, they wag their tails when they are friendly, how many humans can we say that for?

Body language of dogs

Doggie language - body language of dog
Body language of dogs: Dogs say it best when they say nothing at all.

Dogs may not say the words, but they say a lot more once we realize their body language.

Unless you’re a cat living under a rock, you’d know how tricky it can get to listen to what your dog is saying. The Secret Life of Woofs isn’t that hard to comprehend even in today’s world of the internet and instant messages.

How to Greet a dog
Body language of dogs – greeting a dog

How to tell if a dog is afraid?

Is the dog displaying aggressive behaviour?

A dog's body language can speDogs body language | Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen. Orhan Pamuk dog quote
‘Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.’ — Orhan Pamuk

Why do dogs lean on you?

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3 thoughts on “Body Language of Dogs – a ready reckoner!”

  1. Nice post Abhishek.. I have a saint Bernard (His name is Titan) at my home, his huge size makes me scared.. His behavior is kinda neutral towards me, he neither barks at me nor ever come near to me.. What does it means?? He likes me or not?

    1. Hi Anjali, Dogs can smell apprehension, please let go of fear 🙂 Bernard(s) despite their size are very friendly hence the title Saint. Try to take it slow, bond with him by being the one who gives him food, takes him out for walks and I’m sure you’ll make great friends with him. All the best!

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