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short story from the dog - dog lovers adopt
Adopt happiness.

Happy New year everyone! Here’s hoping that peace, prosperity and common sense prevails all through the shuffle of the calendar this year:)

Sitting by the cinders at Himalayan valley, the madness and methods of the world don’t really engulf me. It is on such cold evenings that I am reminded of a story Rusty once told me in my puppy days. This is a story for my little friends and those of you who still have a kid lurking beneath your moustache and mascara.

So like all stories of yore, it so begins…

A short story from the dog

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted a puppy. She asked her mother if they could go to the puppy shop and get one cute little ball of fur.

She said to her mother, “Maa, I want a dog.”

With a kind smile, the mother caressed the pigtails of her daughter and queried, “Why?”

“Because I love dogs!”, said the little girl who was now brimming with anticipation.

“You wouldn’t believe”, the mother said “but there are people who love dogs so much that they never buy them.”

“They don’t buy dogs then how come they are dog lovers?” asked the curious little girl.

The mother smiled and said, “They adopt them.”

The little girl went to adopt among others, Rusty and me.

Those who made the difference, the dog adoptions.

The collage above celebrates kindred souls who decided not to go to the puppy mills, the dog shops or the breeders. (Image courtesy Ayurdhi, Divya and Geetalima.)

So if this is the year you are planning to bring home the happiness that is a dog, please let it be through adoption. For money can’t buy best friends.

Do let us know if you have adopted a dog, we always have a space for such cheery collages.

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  1. I just came across your blog and wanted to
    drop you a note telling you how impressed I was with
    the information you have posted here.

  2. i so agree to that money cant buy ur best frnd…my sweetheart ws adopted by us when we found him whimpering in the rain at our society’s park. That night we fed him milk n he slept in a shoe box. When the search for the mother went in vain we adopted our bundle of joy n he’s a super cool the jojo of our family now.

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