Little Girl Donates All Her Money to buy Bulletproof Vests For Police Dogs

Bulletproof Vests for Police Dogs

Police dogs are so often in the middle of a serious situation where they run the risk of getting harmed – sniffing for bombs, drugs, weapons, or chasing down suspects. K-9 dogs are heroes who repeatedly risk their lives to keep people safe. It is only logical that police and defence forces help protect these good boys and girls with bulletproof vests to protect their vital organs. 

Bulletproof vests for police dogs

The bulletproof vests are often very expensive and unfortunately, police departments don’t always have them for the K9 staff.

Upon learning that the police dog Jethro died after suffering multiple gunshot wounds while responding to a burglary at a grocery store, an 11-year-old girl donated all her allowance money to buy Bulletproof Vests for Police Dogs of Canton Police Department’s K-9 unit in Ohio, USA.

Dear police department, I sorry about Jethro,” Allison wrote. “So here is my allowance for the bulletproof vests.”

God bless you and the dogs,” she added.

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letter to dog

The 3-year-old German shepherd’s death was devastating to Police Officer Ryan Davis, who had been partnered with Jethro since he was an 8-week-old puppy. It wasn’t the amount of donation but the girl’s concern which struck a chord with Davis and the rest of the K-9 unit.

Police dog death
Jethro, a K-9 for the Canton Police Department in Ohio, USA passed away in January 2016 after being shot multiple times by the burglars as he was trying to save the local grocery store from being looted.

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And Ryan has some great news to share with little Allison: The police department’s other dogs are currently being fitted for brand-new vests — thanks, in part, to Allison’s donation.

RIP Jethro.

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