You see what happened to the Animal Shelter that was robbed!

girl donates for animal shelter robbed
Children and adults came forward with pet-food donations after the shelter was burgled.

As the news of an animal shelter robbed broke out last Sunday, the public responded with a flood of donations to quadruple the stock lost!

More than 500 pounds of dog and cat food (65 bags worth $700) was stolen from the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, USA. The donated pet food at the shelter goes out to elderly individuals who can’t afford pet food and families struggling with financial hardships. The thief essentially stole from the neediest of the needy.

Animal shelter robbed

Shocked and devastated by the discovery, the rescue contacted the police and shared an update on social media. The news spread far and wide and in a few hours, the rescue’s parking lot was full and cars were lining up to drop off food.

Animal Shelter that was robbed
By 4 p.m., the shelter had received four times the amount of food that was stolen, according to shelter workers.

“The community response was amazing. It was a steady stream of everything — from toddlers carrying little bags of cat treats to families who had picked up full bags of pet food.”, said a spokesman for the non-profit.

animal shelter donations

“Many donations have been brought in and the place is packed with food for all the cats and dogs,” Tammy Lord commented on the nonprofit’s Facebook page Sunday afternoon. “Wonderful group of generous people.”

shelter dog photo
Thanks to the number of people coming through the rescue with pet-food donations, most of the animals present have managed to find forever homes with families.

We’re a nonprofit. This food is donated, and then we donate it back out to the community, so for somebody to target that as something that they’re going to take — it just saddens me. I don’t know what your thought process is when you decide to steal donated pet food. I never really want to understand that thought process.”, Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire President and Chief Executive Officer Monica Zulauf said.

“I’m going to guess we’ve close to 10 times the pet-food as compared to what we had before now,” Zulauf said about the overwhelming amount of food that’s been brought to the rescue since Sunday.

Reminds us of how a little girl’s donations towards buying bulletproof vests for police dogs sparked a community effort!

Here’s hoping that the food and love keeps coming to all the shelters, their inhabitants and workers!

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