Light – Poem for dog

Not all girls crave a diamond, some prefer a dog.

Not all girls crave a diamond, some prefer a dog.The room is dark,
The night is darker

I wake up in terror,
inside a nightmare, in sweat

Quietly now, I call out his name
and feel the soft paws rest on my face

A kiss on the tears,
and I swear, I feel the dawn break

Warmth seeps through my clothes,
my skin and like a shot of adrenalin,
goes straight to my heart

He is a piece of heaven walking earth,
he makes the monsters under my bed go away,
and hunts down the demons inside my head

The night is dark
But he is bright,
he’s made of light

And If he’s here with me,
the morning, too, shall be

Author’s note: I dedicate this poem to my angel, my love, my life –Feedoh, who makes my life better in every way and to the countless other dogs who’ve brought and continue to bring comfort and unconditional love to those who are lucky enough to have them.

dogs are a girl's best friend too!
Because dogs are a girl’s best friend too!


Dog with Blog is proud to feature the first (in a series of many, hopefully) poem for dog courtesy Mahima, our poet laureate. 

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