Face of friendship!

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A snapshot resonating warmth and mirth of such a jocund company that it leaves our hearts sublime!

Too much has been written about friendship and yet its not humans but dogs where the face of friendship gleams in full glory. From Graham Vest’s epic speech on why dogs are a man’s friend? to the loyalty of dogs who defied death.

The face of friendship, to me, has always been a dog.

Like in the image below, featuring Shrida with her furry friend Buffie. 🙂

best wedding picture dog
As the pretty girl turns a gorgeous bride, she shares this beautiful picture exclusively with Dog with Blog readers.

Face of friendship

In another heartwarming news from the west, a dove had made a nest on the hood of a police car and the Parma Police Department not only shielded it from the sun and rain but also got her food and built a police barrier for them!

dove nest police car

“Our officers are human beings just like anyone else. We care for all lives human and animal so the officers took a carrier to this bird, which they nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young in the cruiser.” ~Kevin Riley, Parma Police spokesperson

face of friendship

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