Helping hands— Animal rescue efforts in Japan

  • By: Dog
  • Mar 25, 2011

Draped in a suit of somber black the Earth rattled with seismic vibrations and the land of the rising sun— Japan, home to Hachiko, braved & bereaved the aftermath of earthquake & Tsunami.

It wasn’t the island nation alone but the entire humanity that stood in horror of the irremediable cataclysm & the toll it took. Marred by melancholy, the mornings of mourning haven’t subsided Japan but the hope lives on.

Animal rescue efforts in Japan

japan earthquake rescued dog with vet
Animal rescue efforts in Japan
dog rescued in japan after spending 3 days on roof after tsunami

The calamity seeping in the regions quivered not only the earth but also the fallacy of human hold over nature. Despite breakthrough technological advancements and scientific progress, all in all, we are the proverbial ‘dust in the wind’ belittled by the juggernaut of nature.

Japan holds a very special place in animal-loving hearts; the true tales of compassion from the land always make one crave to discover more. While efforts were being made by rescue workers to search for human survivors in the rubble of buildings, animal welfare groups also pitched in to rescue Japan’s animals.

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Here’s a solemn prayer for the grief-stricken souls, a pean for their courage that refuses to fade. With the hope that the mystical eastern charm spells serenity, I’d leave you with the video byte(s) that have taken the internet by storm. An endearing emotion captured on camera denoting canine love & loyalty.

Visit the JEARS’ Facebook page to learn more about their efforts and to donate to their cause.



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