Top 20 Dogbert comic strips!

  • By: Dog
  • Feb 18, 2011

Revving up the smiles here’s reviewing the comical cartoon genius of Scott Adam’s Dilbert. The legendary Dilbert strips had acquired cult status eons ago. Dogbert, Dilbert’s pet dog is arguably the shrewdest megalomaniac manager the corporate has ever seen — the canine corporate consultant out to rule the world.

Dogbert, the antihero

Dogbert was originally created only so Dilbert would have someone to talk to, but as the strip progressed, Scott Adams developed the character to be an anti-hero, metaphorically personifying the dark, cynical side of Adams’s own personality.

This cynical canine isn’t exactly what you would think of as man’s best friend yet somehow this idiosyncratic dog resonates the most to my humor hormones. This manager mutt teaches neophyte managers potent practices as making empty promises of promotion and pretending to care by hearing without listening etc.

Here’s presenting motley of managerial wisdom from Dogbert’s thesis on everything that the closed doors of nepotistic cerebral colleges conceal from the average minds. Here’s the wisdom capsule to those bereft of hope and clambering to make it up the corporate acclivity. Here’s to the cubicle dwellers!

Dogbert comic strips

# How to become an Under-performing CEO!

Dogbert comic strips

# How to make an impression at the interview!

Pointy haired boss taking Dogbert's interview for marketing

# How to tackle adverse altercations with a colleague

VP of marketing Dogbert and PHB

# How to turn technical terms in marketing language!

Dogbert marketing language

# How to make a strong point!

Marketing v/s PR Dogbert

# How to create a need in customers!

Dogbert motivating dinosaur, how to create need in customers

# How to pick stocks!

Dogbert advice on how to pick stocks!

# How to effectively manage time!

Dogbert time management Dilbert

# How to study your customers!

Dilbert Dogbert how to study your customers

# How to confuse and convince detractors!

Dogbert vegetarian Dilbert

# How to make an impressive TV appearance!

Dogbert animal rights TV

# How to play safe!

Dilbert Dogbert Dolphin ASPCA

# How to present a ‘new’ business idea!

Dogbert new business idea

# How to influence the customer’s decision!

Dilbert dogbert windows xp

# How to get the success charm!

Dilbert Dogbert success

OK! I said the strips would feature Dogbert but then Catbert couldn’t be left behind!

Marketing manager social media catbert dogbert dilbert

This strip suffices what Calvy does(more or less) 🙂

HR tapping talent Catbert Dogbert Dilbert

# How to make a winning speech!

dogbert-for-president-taxes Dilbert

# How to face board accusations!

Dogbert how to face trial/board

# How to get your business ‘Green’!

dilbert dogbert green consultant

Want more, visit the official Dilbert site. Also, see the best of Calvin and Hobbes. Subscribing to these wisdom bytes can you make you as successful as the Pointy-Haired Boss!

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  1. Hahaha some brilliant strips you showcased here!
    Loved the one about getting money from non-voters and dropping it to the voters. LOL

    I use to love these comics… this brought memories back. Even reminded me of y white cat, almost as idiosyncratic in her own dominant manner.

  2. Hi there !
    Really nice site, and this article is very funny. Thank you I had a really good time reading all the articles and found many interesting advice.

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