57 Hand-picked ‘Peanuts comic strip Snoopy’

Why Snoopy is the absolutely best Peanuts comics character?
Peanuts comic strip Snoopy: through the years…

Where do I begin about Snoopy?

The famed beagle of Peanuts universe who adorned my boarding school’s dormitory wall ― sharing space with Dennis the menace and WWE posters. Every morning kids would flock to read the penultimate pages of English dailies and there he was ― penning love letters atop his dog house, typing the great American novel or playing one of his cool alter egos Joe Cool with equal finesse.

Charles Schulz captured the tender truths of humanity in still frames rendering Peanuts a poetically personal and profound aura. Be it the kids with growing-up angst or the adults caught in the crossfire of loneliness, Peanuts helped inspire the likes of Calvin & Hobbes, and an entire generation of kids (and eventually their own kids) alike.

snoopy museum tokyo
World’s First Snoopy Museum in Tokyo

Best Peanuts comic strip Snoopy

No other comic character transcended the paper-thin world of comic books to reach the stratosphere of popularity quite like Snoopy.  In the course of Peanuts’ 50-year run, Snoopy has given many lessons on life, love and friendship that have come to define his legacy as the go-to dog in pop culture. From the daily archives, here are the strips showcasing the spontaneously infectious Snoopy spell…

The best Peanuts comic strips featuring Snoopy

 1. Snoopy, the animal lover!

peanuts comic strip snoopy

2. Because we all need sarcasm sometimes…

snoopy sarcastic replies

3. Pride is a foolish thing…

Peanuts Pride is a foolish thing

4. Two feet bad, four feet good.peanuts four feet

 5. And the universe works for Beaglesbeagle

 6. Sleeping is busy.peanuts sleeping is busy

7. Let people talk, ignore and grin. 

snoopy grinning
Look how Snoopy’s eyes are closed in delight 🙂

 8. Why follow the herd?

snoopy some dogs are dumb
To be your own dog…

9. Who needs a school?

Snoopy obedience school

 10. Disappointment isn’t good for dogs.

Peanuts diappointment

11. The art of driving.

snoopy driver

Snoopy’s trials and tribulations: Writing the great American novel

“It was a dark and stormy night…”, so began each of Snoopy’s attempts to write the great American novel. Unfortunately, his dreams of getting rich and famous via his words never quite materialised.

12. The beginning of Snoopy’s writing adventures…snoopy writes

13. And we must write to make our voices heard.snoopy writes editor

14. A little progress? Peanutsdarkstormy

15. Writer’s block…

snoopy good luck second sentence

16. When nothing goes your way, try sleeping.snoopy rejection slip

17. How we are all shallow inside…emotionally bankrupt Snoopy

Snoopy on love and heartbreak

snoopy on love

In the comic strips that ran in 1977 Snoopy falls heads over heels with an unseen dog character. On the day of the wedding, she does a run-away-bride and elopes with, well…Snoopy’s brother!

18. Snoopy asks Spike to be his best-man.snoopy gf

19. Nothing hurts like heartbreak…snoopy bride runs away

20. Calling truce?snoopy spike letter

And then there were times when Snoopy would pen love letters...

21. The futility of words…snoopy how much I love you

22. Yes, I love you.

Snoopy love letter
And it was only years later that I realized how similar I was to Snoopy in some aspects.

23. All lovers are liars. 

Snoopy love letter

One of the best kept secrets of the entire 50 years of Peanut run has been the identity of Charlie Brown’s unrequited love, the little Red-Haired Girl. Schulz never drew her but she breaths through all the frames where Charlie Brown thinks of love.

Peanuts love is walking hand in hand
This to me is the sheer genius of Schulz. While most of the comic strips would have kept the quote endearingly closed at the ellipses. He dares to go beyond to showcase our frail human fallibility. That yearning to be loved. A tinge of selfishness, a little more humanity.

24. Answer me this…

Peanuts love
Peppermint Patty’s seemingly simple question is anything but it.

25. And love is about priorities

peanuts dog sleep
Charlie Brown, the insecure loser, the boy who never won the heart of Red Haired girl… well, at least he had Snoopy 🙂

Snoopy philosophy

Snoopy almost always knew how fragile the world we live in actually is. That there’s no safety in dog houses, no permanency in relationships (despite the promises of forever). He knew how everything could come crumbling down, how everyone at the end of the day is all alone, with oneself.

26. Keep dancingsnoopy no worries

27. Live in the moment..

Peanuts rest

28. Take a pause. Observe the spectacle that’s life!

snoppy Tree comic

29. You are alive. Do what you’d do if it were your last day…

snoopy death

30. Maa!

peanuts hiking

31. Self motivation

peanuts self motivation

32. It matters, the company you keep…

snoopy company

33. Role reversal?snoopy dreams

34. Being a dog is a full-time job!snoopy full time job

35. And sometimes, you must BITE. snoopy more to life

 36. Why Oliver Twist, why?snoopy oliver twist

37. Snoopy and the art of self contentment 

Snoopy wanted to be dog

38. To be or not to be?peanuts snoopy dog

39. Life is better with a dog!

Peanuts life is better with a dog

40. Dogs > Humans

Peanuts dog quote

 41. Here today. Gone tomorrow… Snoopy close

 42. If only I knew…snoopy what am I doing right

43. What if…snoopy thoughts

44. Every time I get close to someone… they leave 🙁Snoopy everytime i get close

BONUS: Snoopy’s brother Spike on Loneliness

45. People are STUPID. Never follow the herd. Peanuts Spike

46. Hah! That desolation…Spike Peanuts

Snoopy found the elixir to all of life’s ailments – Cookies!

47. Heartbreaks or rejection slips, life doesn’t hurt that bad when you have a can of cookies around peanuts dinosaurs

48. Because girls are hard to understandPeanuts girls

49. Don’t you know cookies cure loneliness?Peanuts alone

Snoopy on the importance of friendship

 50. Not all dogs eat home work. Some write it. peanuts dog homework

51. Happiness is a warm puppy…

Peanuts happiness is a warm puppy
Perhaps the most famous of all Peanut strips, ”happiness is a warm puppy’ created a cultural revolution of sorts. And how adorable is it that Lucy, the most irascible kid in the Peanuts world says it.

 52. When all goes wrong, kiss a dogPeanuts Snoopy hopeless

53. And again…snoopy kiss

54. We can’t be that bad if dogs love us…

peanuts a dogs life

Snoopy and his wild fantasies

Like Walter Mitty, Snoopy believed in creating a world of his own, one fantasy at a time. He needed no one’s approval to be more than a dog. Heck, he needed none of the other characters. The wildly imaginative beagle could play the street smart Joe Cool with equal suave as the World War I Flying Ace.

 55. Joe Cool knows it…Snoopy joe cool

56. Like Laika, Snoopy too reached the outer space…

snoopy asronaut
In 1968, Snoopy became NASA’s mascot. In 1969, he had a lunar module named after him in for the Apollo 10 mission.

57. Some times it is OK to give up…snoopy german

 57. The last Peanut comicLast_peanuts_comic

If the world of comic books were a giant tree, the Peanuts series would be perched atop the top branch as one of the most beloved cartoons ever. And guess who’d bay at the moon from there… Snoopy.

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