Pause and ponder…

  • By: Dog
  • Sep 28, 2012

"Kaalicharan Dog with Blog"
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And as I see life soak subtleties with every passing day, it is cathartic to open up to the realization that underneath the carcass of civility — the labyrinth of organized chaos of sights and sounds, there is this mad race of the world. And although the majority would tell you differently, often it is wisest not to participate in it. Pity, it takes an entire lifetime and yet the runners don’t know where the ribbon is and more importantly, why they are running?

the thin fine line of dreams fact fiction, Pause and ponder
Dreams, the thin fine line between fact and fiction.  [Source: Bing]
Pause and ponder.

Love the dog, not the breed.
Love the dog, not the breed.

Doesn’t make sense? Ridicule me; perhaps I am just a mad dog who has ceased running.

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