Maa: Lady of my life!

Greetings everyone!

Stumbled upon this incredible video on youtube, a stray dog gently rescuing another stray canine from the middle of a highway in heavy traffic! The video is from the feed of a surveillance camera.

Hair raising, isn’t it?

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36 thoughts on “Maa: Lady of my life!”

  1. Ammmazingly touching video this is, Calvy!!
    I don’t think even we humans have any of that compassion left in us anymore – these canines surpass us by all means!!! Kudos..

    And yes, mothers are the anchors of life – I love my mom too.. 🙂 Cheers, Punam

  2. an enchanting post dedicated to two of the most beautiful souls i know -maa and the ones who come closest to that feeling –so glad to have stumbled on your blog! keep writing

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