10 Reasons Why My Dog is My Valentine

Not without my dog
Not without my dog. ~Shared by Baishakhi Sengupta

 It’s that time of the year again when Valentine’s Day mushiness permeates through the air and marketers laugh their way to the bank – from restaurants to resorts, bookstores to bars, cinnamon hearts to chocolate confetti, everything is draped in the colour of love.

The cartel checks in with their assigned days (Read: Chocolate, Rose etc.) like a clockwork. Whilst I have no qualms against the above entities, it’s the breeders who I detest. So if you are planning to gift the happiness called dog to your loved one, please give him/her an adopted one. Your love is special don’t let it fall a prey to commercial clutches.

No one will ever love you like I do dog lover Riya Bamniyal


No one will ever love you like I do

Whether you have a special one or not, rest assured that there isn’t anyone better to celebrate Valentine’s Day with then your furry best friend.

Why my dog is my Valentine:

1. All through the year, our pets offer us unbridled love and affection in a way only they can.

Beagle dog playing with ball


Amusement, thy name.

Dogs girl's best friend


Bond with the best – a girl’s best friend too. ~Featuring Payal & Rocky.

“13 years ago 3rd August, I made the decision to take on the responsibility of raising and owning a mixed pup, whom I decided to name Rocky. While raising a puppy can definitely be a difficult and time-consuming task, all the hard work is worth it. This Valentine’s Day I would like to share what my dog taught me about love… Because he is the one who loves me unconditionally without any demand at my worst too! A dog will love you no matter what, through thick and thin. He will love you on your best days and your worst, and he will love you regardless of your looks, your money or your body shape. All in all, I am a firm believer that if you are a true dog lover, owning a dog can bring so much joy and meaning of true love to your life.” ―Payal

2. You would never look back with regret at the time spent with your dog. These memories will always bring back a smile unlike those with your ex.

up movie dog gif

3. No man/woman would ever love you as much as your dog.

why my dog is my valentine


Sawan, you are my Valentine! ~shared by Divya

“I saw him gulping down food from his plate eagerly. So eager that his little front paws were on his plate. Two days ago he had just walked into my mother’s classroom. People called him stray but for me, he was in the right place. We hang out together. Doing the things we love. He has always been beside me, licking off my tears of sorrow and jumping with joy at all other times. Never getting angry at me ever… never judging me. He doesn’t have to do anything at all to make me happy, just watching him sleep gives me the pleasure of heavens.”

‘I love him a lot … I hope someday I can love him as much he loves me. ‘ ―Divya  

4. Unlike humans, a dog never judges you for how you look, what you wear, where you work… the only thing a dog cares about is who you are to him. He loves you simply for who you are. No matter how often your date may say so, the earnestness with which dogs love you is not to be found in humans.

dogs love you for who you are


A dog loves you for who you are.

“Most often we associate Valentine’s Day with love for people in our lives – but we show a true reflection of our souls and love when we bring up our children with respect for other living beings…the high levels of intolerance we see now stems from the fact that we spend a lot of time raising competitive kids rather than compassionate and inclusive ones. Let’s start small…Stop passing on our inherent biases and fears about voiceless creatures into our children, stop referring to the indigenous dogs that are present on our streets as “strays”…they are an Indian breed and let’s take pride in that at least. Let’s slow down our cars so that we can stop in time before we injure innocent creatures.” ― Simran

5. A lot of people talk about love. Dogs don’t talk much yet no one knows what love is better than them.

Dogs teach you what love means. 


Dogs teach you what love means.

“Malti has taught me that when you love someone fiercely, let them go and they will always find their way back to you. Always. She taught me to see the best in everybody and everything. Opportunities to love and give happiness are in abundance, we just have to use our heart and act. She always expresses how much she loves me, something we need to do more often, with our loved ones. She’s also taught me to seize every moment, and not for something big to happen. We don’t know if the moment we’re ignoring could truly be a life changer. And finally, we are much stronger than we think we are!” ―Siddhi

6. Nobody can understand what love is until they are owned by a Dog. And there is no one who loves as unconditionally as a dog.

dogs unconditional love


~Image courtesy Sana

7. When a dog follows you around it’s cute. If a guy/girl follows you around… it is stalking.

dog kissing girl India


Make sure to give a special kiss to your dog who taught you the real meaning of love!

Image courtesy Shrida

8. Dogs say it best when they say nothing at all.

Dogs can easily be spelled as love - mahima kukreja


Dogs can easily be spelled as love.

“The best kind of love needs no words. It doesn’t need an I love you out loud. It doesn’t need any proclamation of loving each other forever. The best kind of love is made of a fur-ball of warmth, and of gentle paws on your face. It says all it has to say with a warm lick and a tail-wagging too quickly to catch. Dogs can easily be spelled as love. They’re the best morning wake up call and also the best good night’s sleep. And though the best kind of love needs no specific day to be celebrated, if there’s a one, it cannot be spent without showering your love on your four-legged angels. After all, they deserve to be celebrated every day.”― Mahima

9.  Your dog doesn’t care if that velvet top is not going well with the footwear. Walk him out in your loafers and he would yet be as happy – just to be with you.

“Words can never ever express what I feel for this bouquet of love in my life… Myson (literally my son) who chose me when he was just 35 days old and ever since he’s been my heart & soul. Myson showed me what love feels like in the truest form and as I type this, he must be waiting for me at his little place in the clouds. It has been a year since I lost him, but he remains the love of my life and will remain to do.” ― Pamela

9. Your dog may not give you a promise ring, but his love lasts forever!

10. Dogs teach us that loving others unconditionally is a difficult task, but it’s the one that would surely make the world a better place if we all just tried.

happy couple with dog


One happy frame! ~ Image courtesy Rinku

Dogs wait. They watch. But they never say those three words; maybe they don’t need to. Words, after all, are an aberration when you live them. So hug them, kiss them and let them know that you love them too. Happy Valentine’s day!

10 reasons why my dog is my valentine


And do remember to kiss your dog!

kissing dogs quote


“I have caught more ills from people sneezing over me and giving me virus infections than from kissing dogs.” — Barbara Woodhouse

And before we wrap up, here’s wishing our friend Summer very happy matrimony!

summer wedding dog


United by the love!

Have you found the furry love of your life?

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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why My Dog is My Valentine”

  1. Baishakhi Sengupta

    Awesome blog .. Really touchy n i just loved every reasons of love for my dogs.. Happy valentine’s day to all furry friends n their lovers..

  2. Hill Station Reader

    Such a touching post – I smile when my Dog sits and look at me – I sit downstairs and if he is sleeping upside, he wakes up, walk and come and sit near my paws ??he always makes me feel special – I love them both they are the best thing happened to me ever

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