What dogs want?

bhutia dog and kid

A little girl with her best friend in the Himalayan meadows.

In the newsletters, twitter feeds and occasional expert comments that come my way, a lot is said about what dogs want. Luxury beds, fancy leashes, that turquoise scarf or that Egyptian cotton collar. Startled, I asked Kaalicharan what dogs really want?

Here’s what the dog quipped:

What dogs want?

Irrespective of what the pet companies tell you – we dogs need no leashes, no fancy collars or toys, not the manicure or the marmalade cookies, nothing else but love. What dogs want is love and no brick and mortar establishment or e-commerce player sells that. If you have to give something to your pet or that friendly dog on the street, let it be your time and a little love. Believe this dog, it shall suffice.

Every once in a while this dog receives guest post submission(s) with catchy titles like how to keep your dog happy. Do these link baiting writers really think that their discount coupons are what makes us dogs happy? Our happiness is not defined by the merchandise. We crave for the simple joys in life, which aren’t that commonplace these days – your time, your love… you get the idea.

Bukowski’s poem ‘Alone Again’ has this stanza wherein he writes on the frailty of restoring old connections. On a similar note, I’d like to politely say, ‘If it’s coupons and commerce and puppy sales that you are vying for, please don’t email this dog.’

Alone again - poem bukowski
Bukowski knows best.

And if you belong to that rare human breed that has so much love in them that they adopt, reach out and make it matter for that one dog you meet daily.

what dogs want
A little love, all that the dogs want.

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