Case # 012 Why the dog watched CNBC?

  • By: Dog
  • May 30, 2010

Why the dog watched

My CNBC loving friends Kaalicharan(left) Calvy(not in picture for obvious reasons) and yours truly, the news breaker Rusty(right)

Case # 012 Why the dog watched CNBC-TV18?

Lately, a news channel created waves in the canine circles by toppling Discovery Channel and Nat Geo in the battle for grabbing eyeballs/TRP.  Given the gravity of the situation, the opposition asked for availing the services of sniffers from Scotland Yard but the Dog ministry voted in the favor of ‘Detective dog’ aka Rusty!

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With a precision for details unlike his human counterparts, Rusty broke the code in a mere span of 3 dog days and the results are for all to see in the attached photograph.

PS  The afore- pictured gorgeous ladies, have won a fan in me too with their grace and the grey matter (between their ears)! 🙂

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  1. awww, kaalu u r becomin a lil too adventurous these days! ur reasons to watch cnbc are more then just grey matters of ineterest 😛

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