What happens when Engineer owns dog

  • By: Dog
  • Jun 08, 2010

Keep calm and play with your dog

In the daily humdrum, sandwiched between ambitions and tomorrows we often tend to miss upon the great little joys of today. That call to your mother, the long pending visit to your granny, taking time to play with your dog…

 What happens when Engineer owns dog
Keep calm and play with your dog

To take out time for these moments from the algorithm of hours we are clocking is the greatest battle that we must strive to win daily. For what good are the greater plans if they lay to rest the little joys which matter in the grand scheme of things eventually.

On a  different thought wave the following video shows a rather innovative way devised by an engineer, not recommended by us dogs here, yet a humorous take  –  What happens when Engineer owns dog.   


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