Dog Gift Guide – Gift Ideas For Dogs & Dog Lovers!

gift ideas for dogs

Did you say holidays?

The festive season is here and so are the gifts it brings! You’ve zeroed in on the wish lists for everyone – from the little cousin who wants Ruskin Bond books to the nephew who wants a pet. But what about your little best friend who loves you more than anyone or anything in the whole wide world?

Gift Ideas for dogs

First and foremost, I am a four-legged friend. All I want for this festive season is your time. I don’t really have much use for fancy collars and leashes. I treasure your time and company more than any other gifts.

So with that aside, here are the other things that matter to dogs and the wonderful pet parents out there.

dog gift guide

Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season!
  1. Dog food – Watch out for what you feed your dog. We can’t emphasize how important it is for the overall health and wellbeing of your dog. Here’s a ready reckoner on dog foods that are an absolute no for your dog.

We all know how much furry friend loves their treats. As you embark on a fresh new year how about making a resolution to give your doggo healthy treats every day? This would make snacking a guilt-free regimen for pets as it contains the goodness of herbal actives which makes it both healthy and yummy for your pet!

2. Be a Santa for the strays – How about volunteering at a shelter near you or feeding the furry pals in your vicinity. After all, happiness is only real when shared.

Know of someone who’s looking to get a dog? Inspire them to adopt.

3. Pledge No Crackers – Remember Ted? Just like his fear of thunder, dogs with their sensitive sense of hearing get uncomfortable around the noise of fireworks. Why not celebrate with dogs by pledging a noise-free New Year?

4. Take better care of your dogs in winter – Since the festive season comes with winters, you need to take extra care of your pets in this season. Here’s a guide on how to look after your dogs’ when the mercury drops to frigid temperatures.

5. Exercise with your dog – New Year comes with a fresh list of resolutions – hitting the gym, quitting smoking, etc. How about including your dog in your fitness routine?

Make it a point this year to spend more time in your dog’s company but take him for exercise – it could be a jog in the neighbourhood park, a trek that you take along with him or a sport that you two can play – fetching a tennis ball?

dog gift guide

Not only would it lead to happy bonding between you two, but it would also keep you guys’ in top fitness!

6. Take better selfies with your dog – What good is a social network sans those adorable pet pictures? However, it can be a tedious task to hold your best friend’s attention to the camera for that perfect shot. Our readers have shared this easy trick that can make pet photography easier.

pet selfie

Try holding your dog’s favourite toy or treat via a selfie stick or your fingers and rest assured of an incredible photo every time!

7. Watch a Movie with your dog – From Netflix to animations, there is an amazing treasure trove celebrating dogs. If you’re not sure where to begin, we’ve already compiled a list of some of our favourite doggo movies.

Also, see this list of movies inspired by real-life good boys! And if you love the written word more, here are books written from a dog’s POV.

Here’s wishing all of you wonderful pet parents out there a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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