How to take care of your dog in winters?

how to take care of your dog in winters

Winters are the time when your pets need a little extra care. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your dog too. In this blog post brought to you by Himalaya Companion Care, we have brought you tips to keep your pets safe in winter.

No season calls for as divisive responses as winter. You either look forward to it or you just wait through it. It is no different for your pets. Despite their furry coat, they are still vulnerable against the cold, unforgiving winds.

Winter care tips for your dog

    • Keep your dog indoors as much as possible. Even if your dog loves the outdoors and roaming around, it makes good sense to keep him indoors during the winters. It is also advisable to put sweaters on dogs with thinner hair like Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, Dachshund or Pugs to guard them against hypothermia.
    • Fleas and ticks are capable of surviving cold weather. They may seek out warmer areas in your home or easily transfer themselves onto your dog.winter dog care
    • Ensure to towel dry your pets after a walk or run in the snow. This would help keep their fur coat from any wetness or dampness.
    • Watch out for your dog’s exposure to heaters or fireplace. Leaving them unattended may be risky.
    • While taking your dog on the walk during snowy season, be extra careful on patches of ice which can be slippery. Also, watch out for frozen lakes or ponds, they have thinner areas of ice that can break away.
    • Your pet can be dehydrated in winters too! Ensure that your dog’s water bowl has fresh, un-frozen water.
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Our friends Stefania & Sasha know that winters calls for tight hugs! Instagram: @steftaf
    • If you have a senior dog with arthritis or diabetes, cold weather may agitate their already achy joints. You may tone down your exercise regimen with your dog accordingly in the winters, say 15 minutes instead of an hour walk.

One question that we get asked a lot from dog lovers – Do dogs need clothes?

Well, it is more than a fancy dressing contest or a game for Instagram quick wins. If you see your dog (or the one on the street) shivering in the winters, please don’t hesitate to put clothing on him.

So snuggle up, keep your pet warm and safe!

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