30+ Beautiful Dog tattoo ideas for dog lovers!

dog tattoo idea
Dog tattoo ideas. [Courtesy: bojanatattooartist]

Humans have long sealed their love in ink. Written on the body, their passions gleam in aesthetic designs ― a numeral, an ode to the gods, a lover’s name. The latter is almost always a tricky proposition given how humans handle relationships. Sometimes I wonder if an ice cube in Gobi desert would have a longer span.

But then, love is another story altogether.

If you’ve made up your mind to get inked why not celebrate a love that will withstand it all?

Here’s to our best friends and the art that they inspire. From dog lovers getting inked to celebrate their best friends to commemorate the loss of their furry pal. Tattoo ideas have often varied on mystic texts, philosophic deep meanings, or pets of everyday life.

Dog tattoo ideas for dog lovers!

While opting for a dog tattoo, think of all the creative designs that would complement your dog’s personality and your relationship with him. When it comes to a tattoo artist, run him through with your ideas – give him photographs of your dog, other inspirations you’ve come across and then trust his opinion.

dog tattoo colour
courtesy: lilke
Paw print tattoo
courtesy: mariana pimentel
Dog tattoo inspiration
courtesy: jenna1517
cute dog tattoo
Image courtesy: Dr Woo
dog cat tattoo
Courtesy: Antalya
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paw tattoo
courtesy: benjihiskey
dog sketch tattoo
courtesy: bk_tattooer
beautiful dog tattoo
courtesy: bonasunama
best dog tattoo
Now I see you…
dog tattoo girl
courtesy: Cynthia Sobraty
dog tattoo art
courtesy: dr woo
dog tattoo dog lover
courtesy: Felipe Rodrigues
pet tattoo
For the love of geometry and dogs
dog man tattoo
courtesy: ilwolhongdam
dog woman tattoo
courtesy: ivanhess
beagle tattoo
courtesy: jakub nowicz
awesome dog tattoo
courtesy: Schwein
husky dog tattoo
courtesy: simona blanar
dog cute tattoo
courtesy: doy
dog tattoos idea
courtesy: simona blanar
best pet tattoo
courtesy: tattoo_grain
puppy tattoo
courtesy: tattoo_grain
cute pet tattoo
courtesy: tattooist_doy
dog lover tattoo
courtesy: tattooist_doy
origami dog tattoo
courtesy: ying_tattoo
paw print tattoo
Paw marks are for forever
Dog tattoo ideas
marked with love
dog tattoo ideas for dog lovers
There I said it!
Courage the Cowardly Dog tattoo
Courage the Cowardly Dog tattoo by Alex Strangler.

Got any paw print inspirations? We’d love to see your own dog tattoos if you already have one!

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