Dog spelled backwards is god

Dogs and their reference in the mythology, as old as art itself, keep looking at us with ironical discomfort. In a society where religion dominates the psyche why not have the positives from the religion? The gods certainly don’t need gold, do they?

Exhibit A: Dogs are Unconditional Love Machines

Exhibit B: The Power of the Puppy Dog Eyes

god spelled backwards is dog
Donny reminding humanity and the demigods who really moves the universe. Picture courtesy: Prof. Amrita Narlikar

Exhibit C: Dogs Forgive Us, Even When We Don’t Deserve It

Exhibit D: Miraculous “Dog Sense”

The Verdict

Dog spelled backwards is God!

St_Rochus dog lover
St Rochus is often depicted in statues and paintings with his dog.
dog spelled backwards, divine canine

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4 thoughts on “Dog spelled backwards is god”

  1. The way we look at dogs God looks at us. Few friends a man has in a lifetime would lay down his life in a second nomatter the odds i can think of only 2.

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