11 Inspiring New Year Resolutions for dog lovers!

new year resolution dog

Hey child, stay wild! ~courtesy Pooja

So, how’s your new year going?

By today, most people have already broken most of their New Year’s Resolutions. Isn’t that crazy?

Cometh the New Year, cometh the New Year resolutions and then plop they go! All those well-intentioned proclamations on self-improvement, life goals or lifestyle choices fading away like dust in the wind.

We at Dog with Blog believe that these promises that you make to yourself should also involve your doting dogs (OK, cats too).

New Year Resolutions for dog lovers

1. Make your home, dog-safe!
As you may already know, pets get into anything and everything! Keep the potentially poisonous items in secure places, preferably out of your dog’s reach.

Does your dog have an old, beat-up toy from his puppy days?

Now is the perfect time to get over-sentimentality and put the germ-infested toys into the trash. (Do buy him a new one though!)

2. Quit smoking! In case you have a chain smoker dog (highly unlikely) this applies to him too.

Second-hand smoke is just as harmful to your dog and can impact his lungs adversely.

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Dogs are a girl’s best friend too! ~courtesy Richa

3. Watch what you are feeding your dog!
Dogs have different diet requirements as per their breeds and age. Senior dogs, for instance, have low energy requirements as compared to growing dogs, but they may have issues related to joints. Read more about healthy Dog treats.

Obesity in pets is another serious problem. You may consult a vet for the right amount of food that your dog needs. Try a measuring cup to ensure the same.

Here’s a guide – What all food items are safe for your dog?

4. Put a dog tag on your pet with your contact info. This would help someone reach out to you in case he wanders too far.

5. Exercise with your dog!

This would also help you keep fit and provide you with daily bonding time with your best friend.

new years resolutions dogs
This year, travel with your dog! ~courtesy Vikrant

Here are exercise tips for your dog.

Take your dog for a walk – every day. And while we are it, please don’t delegate this task to your maid as that would rob you two of precious bonding time.

On vacations, you can hike or swim with your dog too!

swim with your dog
~courtesy Misha

Planning to travel with your dog?

6. Get into the habit of keeping your dog’s medical history – vet visits, medications, special needs, etc.

Take him to the vet twice a year for check-ups.

7. Brush your dog more often as it helps distribute oils from the skin to fur, keeping the fur coat shiny and healthy.

Here are some more grooming tips for your dog.

8. Teach your dog a new trick! Not only would it stimulate her brain but also make her bond better.

9. Make your dog a little more social. Dogs are pack animals and love mingling with others. See if you can help your dog find other furry friends to play with.

10. Dental care! Dogs so often fall prey to dental diseases. You can help your dog reduce the bacteria in his mouth by brushing or use of toys.

11. Volunteer for dogs! If for any reason you aren’t able to share your life with a dog presently, consider volunteering for the canine cause. It could be anything from visiting a shelter to offering to foster.

Know someone who is considering buying a dog? Motivate them to adopt instead of buying and help them understand the responsibility that pet parenting involves.

Also see: The promises that you make when you get a dog

Here’s hoping these resolutions will help keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe all through the year.

New Year Resolutions for dog lovers
~courtesy Anuradha

And here’s a bonus Resolution: Pet all the dogs you meet!

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