The best comic strips featuring dogs to make you chuckle or cry

Comics as an art medium are remarkable in their own right. Between panels and across caricatures, they say so much, without really trying that hard.

It takes a mark of wit and wisdom and a deep observation of the world around us to come up with the sublime genius of Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Dilbert and the likes.

Cartoonists have been long inspired by the dogs. They have dipped their inks in the love and loyalty, fun and furry, of the canine kind to bring us comic relief and at times sent us running to grab the tissues. Here are some of our favorite comic strips featuring dogs.

The best Comic strips featuring dogs

off the leash dog cartoon
Off the leash, has an uncanny resemblance to portray animal behavior which seems similar to that of humans.
dog meets human in heaven

Salih’s endearing comic begins with a crime, the kidnapping of a stray dog…

dog alien cartoon

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Dogs rescue us in ways more than one…

rescue dog comic

The bark is the song of the dog.

pets funny comic

They’re all good boys!

dog death cartoon

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

disability dog comic

Ain’t it true?

dog jealousy funny

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The forever love

senior dog cartoon


The mere mention sends shivers down the spines. Despite its certainty, the fear it accompanies comes almost naturally. Artist Jenny Jinya created an emotional comic titled, “Good Boy” presenting the possibilities of the afterlife.

comic dog death
dog death comic
cartoon about death dog
dog death cartoon
emotional comic dog death
comic strip dog death
jenny jinya dog
dog comic strip best
best dog comic
best dog comic strip

And if you have tissue papers handy, may we invite you to another of the artist’s works, this time shattering the superstition and stigma surrounding black cats.

jenny jinya black cat comic
black cat comic
best comic featuring cat

Don’t ask for who the dog barks…

why dog barks at night cartoon

You may be knowing the benefits of having a dog in the workplace – reduced stress levels, positive team morale bonding, etc. Now add to it, a nose for smelling trouble…

dog in office cartoon

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Don’t have a dog to share your life with? Perhaps you’d like to adopt one!

Have you come across a dog comic that deserves a rightful place on this list? Please share your recommendation in the comments below.

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Ghost Game of Thrones dire wolf

ghost game of thrones goodbye

The last season of Game of Thrones was a distant shadow of the show’s glory days. The best show in the seven kingdoms took a Dexter turn and things didn’t make much sense.

While the Westeros is hell-bent on making Dany the mad queen; the malevolent Night King who had an epic build-up as a nefarious villain, all through the seasons, died killing fewer major characters than Walder Frey.

Ghost Game of Thrones

Jon Snow didn’t pet his direwolf, Ghost

Even if G.R.R. Martin were to pick the worst of this season’s snubs, the top of the pack would be Jon Snow ghosting the Ghost in Episode

Let us rewind it for you:

jon snow pet ghost lost ear
Ghost valiantly fought Night King’s army during the Battle of Winterfell; even losing an ear in the process.

As Jon Snow heads south to fight for Daenerys Targaryen, he bids goodbye to a host of friends including Tormund, Samwell Tarly, and Gilly but when he sees his loyal direwolf Ghost, waiting patiently for just a friendly pat, he snubs the good boy!

Imagine how Ghost would have felt. Like Jon, he was the outcast from – other Stark children and the litter of pups. For much of the eight seasons of the show, the good boy followed and protected Jon. How can Jon Snow ride the dragon a few times and forget about Ghost?

Why Ghost deserved a better goodbye?

1. He first warned Jon of a wight at Castle Black, and then bravely fought the army of the dead during the Battle of Castle Black.

2. He protected Jon Snow’s corpse so that he could be resurrected.

Ghost guards Jon Snow

3. Saved Sam from a wight. Later, in season 5 he saves both Sam and Gilly from assault by the black brothers. Ghost goes on to save Jorah; Jorah eventually saved Dany from the Night King…

Ghost saves Sam Tarly
ghost battle of winterfell
Evaded being shot down by Euron Greyjoy’s harpoon unlike some of the bigger pets in Westeros. (read: Dragons) Direwolves 1- 0 Dragons

Why Jon Snow didn’t pet Ghost in his ‘Game Of Thrones’ Goodbye?

Given all that the good boy Ghost did for his human, everyone in the seven kingdoms (and far off Essos) was left wondering as to why Jon didn’t give his furry friend a goodbye hug, or even a light pat on the head. All that the king in the North did was to stare into Ghost’s eyes as he readied himself to go south for yet another war.

The GoT directors later explained that since the direwolves are CGI creations, they felt it best to keep it as simple as possible. Furthermore, the special effects budget was an issue. We know what you are thinking: Who needs all that Dragon action, give us a proper closure!

What happens to Ghost in Game of Thrones?

Ghost and Tormund

Ghost will now go north with Tormund and we believe he will live out his days in peace with the wildlings. And if he’s really lucky, maybe he will be reunited with his sister Nymeria.

Tormund is also reeling from a broken heart after being rejected by Brienne — what better way to heal than with a direwolf’s love and loyalty?

Update: Finally, common sense prevails! Jon Snow pets Ghost in Game of Thrones finale.

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Dogman review – Gritty, gory, and gorgeous!

Dogman movie review

Marcello, the dog groomer, in Matteo Garrone’s Dogman is easy to empathize with ― an endearing neighbor, a devout dog lover and a doting dad to his daughter from a failed marriage.

Working in a long forgotten grim Roman suburb, where it is always raining or about to rain, Marcello ain’t without flaws – he does some low-level drug dealing on the sidelines, for reasons as naive as making extra money, to go scuba diving with his daughter.

Dogman review

But the gentle dog groomer isn’t suited for the world of crime. Dragged to assist in robberies by the town bully, Simone, he climbs back into one burgled house to rescue a chihuahua who was left to die in a freezer.

Also, can someone who shares a plate of pasta with a dog be evil?

dogman review

Toyed at the hands of the violent former boxer and present-day bully, Marcello even serves the prison sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. All in for some misplaced notion of loyalty.

Ostracized from the community, he called his own, with no place to turn to and subjugated again, he retorts and shows some teeth to his tormentor, Simone. The script sets up the final stage beautifully, drawing parallels to puppy-like devotion of Marcello against mad dog act of Simone.

dogman italy

A riveting portrait of the criminal underbelly of a Roman suburb, Dogman explores how crime creeps up in the life of a timid man who wants to stay out of trouble.

Dogman lapped up two awards at Cannes ― the Best Actor for Marcello Fonteore, and Palm Dog Award (the unofficial Cannes prize for best animal performance) for the dog cast.

Complement your watch list with ‘White Dog’, perhaps one of the most profound cinematic experiences against racism. Also watch Kornél Mundruczó’s White God that delves deeper into the societal mix and speaks for ethnic groups, the minorities, and the settlers.

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