Barkitecture: Canine Comfort meets Interior Design!

The dogs by Hawkes Architecture. Each year at Goodwoof, they celebrate innovative dog decor designs from world’s most celebrated architects. Barkitecture, a global kennel design competition sits at the intersection of style and innovation. Spearheaded by Kevin McCloud MBE and the Duke of Richmond, architects worldwide are invited to showcase their creativity!

What is Barkitecture?

Crafting Your Pooch Palace

dog kennel tennis ball Goodwoof
Fetch, celebrating the greatest canine love – a playful reminder for having ‘fun’!
barkitecture dog kennel design
Barc, lightweight kennel for flexible, modern workplace.
pet friendly interior designs
Barkitecture: Convenience meets aesthetics. Elevating pet-friendly design beyond dog houses to include kitchens and bathrooms, this trend blends style and practicality for both humans and furry friends. With pets as family, the demand is growing, and homeowners are investing to make every space pet-friendly! Photograph: Patrick Ahearn

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