Dogs In Anime: Furry Legends We Can’t Forget!

Dogs in anime

sadaharu - dogs in anime
episode 153 gintama
Ein from Cowboy Bebop
Despite his small size, Ein is incredibly intelligent and often helps the crew with his hacking skills. He also has a special bond with the main character, Spike, and is always by his side during their adventures.
yuri on ice dog Makkachin
akamaru dog

Pakkun from Naruto

pakkun naruto
Tetsuya 2
Tetsuya #2 finds comfort in the care of Kuroko and the Seirin team, evolving into an endearing mascot for the club.
black hayate
fullmetal alchemist dog alexander the pyr
Alexander the Pyr and his besty, Nina.

Menchi from Excel Saga

menchi excel saga

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Maru from Barakamon

iggy anime dog
tibet inu monogatari anime
guts kill la kill
Chouchou anime dog

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