10 Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers – handpicked!

Who doesn’t love a good podcast?

From caressing upon pop culture (yes, I still devour all things #TheOffice) to diving headfirst into niche themes, podcasts make an engaging companion on leisurely strolls. So, it is no wonder that pet parents who can’t talk enough about their pooch have taken to listening to other people talk about their pets.

There are a lot of interesting podcasts about dogs and here we’ve handpicked our favourites.

Happy listening!

Best Podcasts for Dog Lovers

  1. Creative Dog Training

If you are looking for dog training tips, Creative Dog Training’s educational content makes for great listening. They span topics like – vet visits, aggression and anxiety in dogs etc. and help pet parents learn about sharing life with dogs.

Lend them an ear if you have a query about your pup.  You may find an episode on that.

  1. Can I Pet Your Dog?

This witty weekly podcast has won over many fans with its simple setup – the hosts chat about dogs making the news and, the dogs they’ve pet in the past week. They also invite special guests to talk about their dogs.

They also feature a high-octane segment called Mutt Minute where you get to learn a lot about a given breed, all within 60 seconds.

Did you know?

Dog with Blog has an audio version as well, available across Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts among others.  

  1. Dr Dunbar’s iWoof Podcasts

Dr Dunbar, the veterinarian, hosts the iWoof podcast (not related to Apple in any way). Some of the themes covered across the podcast’s five seasons are – pet adoption guide, dog behaviour, puppy socialization tips etc.

  1. No Bad Dogs Podcast

Do you often wonder what your dog is thinking? Join Thomas as he teams up with dog trainers, dog lovers and dog enthusiasts to bring you episodes packed with dog training information and tips.

No Bad Dogs also have a weekly Q& segment where you can ask your own dog-related questions!

  1. Canine Nation

Another interesting dog podcast, Canine Nation, delves deeper into canine behavioural science. If you’ve ever wondered why dogs do what they do, you’d love the host Eric Brad’s coverage on topics like Reward training and travelling tips with dogs.

It is a fantastic resource for dog parents to understand a dog’s body language, behavioural traits along with anecdotes about the host’s dog.

  1. The Dog Trainer: Quick and Dirty Tips

Updated weekly, The Dog Trainer’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Teaching and Caring for Your Pet, covers most of the FAQs that pet parents may have – from fostering to volunteering, dog walking or grave topics like dealing with amputation due to an accident etc.

See Also: The Book of Dog

  1. Working Like Dogs

The world is a better place because of the dogs and the myriad ways in which they help humans every day. Working Like Dogs, an uplifting podcast celebrates the stories of amazing dogs — service dogs, police dogs, seizure dogs and military dogs. There are also episodes on other service animals, aside from dogs.

If you are intrigued by what it means to work alongside a working dog, you’d love it! The host — Marcie Davis covers training, grooming, nutrition, diet, travel, retirement, etc. for working dogs.

  1. In Dog We Trust | This American Life

The oldest podcast on the list, In Dog We Trust has been there in publication since the 2000s. The one-hour long episodes look at the life and family dynamics shared alongside our trusted pets.

  1. DogCast Radio

Playing almost like a radio show, DogCast radio has covered all things dogs since 2005. They feature interviews with professionals, charities, breed-specific trivia among other topics. 

  1. The Woof Meow Show

Airing since 2004, The Woof Meow Show hosted by Don Hanson and Kate Dutra, focuses on educating people about dogs and cats, their behaviour, health care, nutritional needs, and their relationship with their people. Guests range from local veterinarians to authors and experts in their fields from around the US.

Did we miss your favourite podcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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