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  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Nov 03, 2016

Before The Flood Review: Worth your 90 minutes and more!

In an awe-inspiring moment in 'Before The Flood', Leonardo DiCaprio sits with former astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers in a dark room only illuminated by a graphic of planet Earth, whe...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Sep 07, 2016

You need to read this beautiful Pablo Neruda dog poem

Pablo Neruda and Chu Tuh.Beloved Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda was not only one of the greatest poets in human history, but also a devout dog lover. From penni...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Aug 30, 2016

Beginners Movie Review – the dog knows what love is!

Even when you bask in the warm winter sun, aren't you delving in the past - looking at the sun how it was eight minutes ago?  And what about your body cells, most of whic...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Aug 20, 2016

57 Hand-picked ‘Peanuts comic strip Snoopy’

Peanuts comic strip Snoopy: through the years...Where do I begin about Snoopy?The famed beagle of Peanuts universe who adorned my boarding school's dormitory wall ― shar...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jul 28, 2016

3 Animated Movies on Love and loss that will Melt Your Heart

Enamored by what I presume are set pieces, I often see stories brush past me ― from the nooks of a crowded train, in the emptiness of a park bench or that forsaken paper bag soar...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jun 10, 2016

The Danish Girl – brave & beautiful story of world’s first transgender

[caption id="attachment_4706" align="alignnone" width="612"] As leaf with tree, I belong to thee... Alicia Vikander brings real empathy to her portrayal of Gerda.[/caption]The ...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jun 07, 2016

Heart of a dog – heartbreaking documentary on love, loss & death

How do I describe Laurie Anderson’s ‘Heart of a Dog’? Merely calling it a documentary would be grave injustice to the art that it is. A deeply personal reflection on lov...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • May 22, 2016

10 awesome ways to exercise with your dog!

We all know that dogs, the little (and sometimes big) bundles of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement need their daily exercise. Veterinarians agree that on average, dogs should part...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Apr 04, 2016

The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs

On my reading shelf these days is The New Yorker's "The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs". Featuring rich imagery, illustrations, articles, short stories and cartoons, (all c...

  • By: Abhishek Joshi
  • Jan 20, 2016

25+ Human food for dogs – safe or not?

Dog people almost always have doubts with regard to human food for dogs - is it safe to be shared with dogs or not? We know how difficult it is to resist those hopeful doggie eye...