Yulin Dog meat Festival – 29 Puppies saved

This puppy was fortunate to be rescued just in time from the Yulin bound dog cage. Cruelty, so often, creeps in and devours humanity from unsuspecting grounds, in the name of religion, customs or profits. How else would you find any logic in Yulin dog meat festival where humans torture and devour their best friends? Merely days […]

RIP Shaktiman ― No Country for horses, hounds & humans?

Police horse ‘Shaktiman’ who was injured during a BJP protest in Dehradun, died on April 20, 2016. Lost to man’s wicked wars, the humanity, horses and hounds have all suffered collateral damages since early days and yet the abject cruelty refuses to wither. In the otherwise pristine hill state of Uttarakhand, the shocking incident of a […]