NGO Rescuing Orphan Bears in SE Asia

orphan bears
Rescued orphan bears Misty and Rain, enjoying a soapy bath.

Despite the fact that bear bile farming has been illegal in Vietnam since 1992, the cruel hunting of bears and their cubs is still very much on there. The country’s geographic closeness to China and Laos, the world’s largest bear bile production site, makes it a hard life for the orphan bears who end up being hunted to support the multi-million-dollar industry. Southern Asia has long suffered from poaching – be it the tigers or the elephants.

Rescuing orphan bears

Misty and Rain (in the picture above) are two of the many orphan bears who have lost their mother to poaching.  Such orphan bears have to be relocated from their natural habitat to sanctuaries like the Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Sanctuary as these cubs know nothing of the many skills that only a mother bear can teach ― finding food and shelter.

“Without a mother, they haven’t learned many of the basic skills that they’d need for survival. That, coupled with no safe place in Vietnam to release them, means Animals Asia makes a lifetime commitment to them.”

― Steve Jackson, Head of International Communications at Animals Asia.

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bear poaching

Animals Asia is dedicated to providing the care these bears need to grow up happy and healthy.  

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