Sloth bear Rani and the Teddy bear man!

sloth bear Rani The Teddy bear man. Photo courtesy: AP

The Indian forests have changed a lot from the life and times of Mowgli and the irony couldn’t have been starker. In what seems a modern adaptation of the famed Jungle Book, this tale of a female sloth bear is more heart wrenching than the movies featuring such story lines for this still awaits a happy ending.

Sloth bear Rani

Rama Singh Munda (member of the indigenous tribe) from Ruitisila village in Orissa’s Keonjhar district, about 225 km from state capital Bhubaneswar, gave shelter to female sloth bear Rani when she followed him home and was 2-3 days old. The bear would have met a certain death at the hands of predators had she not followed Rama. The family christened her as ‘Rani’ and she was the loved new member of the family. The family which was bereaving the loss of Rama’s wife discovered a reason to smile.

The 5 year old daughter of Rama, Dulki found a companion to play with. The family used to share their meals with Rani, Rama even used to take her for joyrides on cycle and all through the time they never used new her for any commercial purposes nor did they caused any harm to the furry animal.

However the euphoria of the girl and bear was short-lived as the news reached media circles and the officers took away the bear (only on second attempt as Rani had escaped to forest during the first raid. However the bear returned to her only home later in the day where they darted her and took her to the zoo) Rama was held captive in the jail for breaching the law and keeping a sloth bear at home.

Sloth Bear Rani
Sloth bear Rani with Rama and Dulki in happier times. ~Image courtesy Hindustan Times

It can only happen in factual realms that an innocent tribal who has been keeping the bear for over a year with affection and care was arrested and put behind bars. We have heard time and again about the pitiful state of zoos in India, the conditions at Nandankanan Zoo are no better. How judicious a decision it was on the part of officials to send Rama to jail and Rani to an unkempt cage? Solomon would be deranged in heavens.

The man is now set free but then who cares about the family…the feelings of the bear who found herself in a cage without her family? The court of law, the animal activists, the NGOs must see at affairs from an animal’s viewpoint too. What good are animal laws if they fail to serve the animals?

Motherless Dulki never knew any Archies teddy bear, for her only buddy was her furry friend with animation.

Dear Bear, the fiction lore of Rudyard Kipling was better than the realism and Rama you’d always remain our Teddy bear man!

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19 thoughts on “Sloth bear Rani and the Teddy bear man!”

  1. Touching post and hugging pix (literally). When miya (man) and bibi (bear) are razi, then kya karega kazi (interfering govt laws)?

  2. it’s a sad issue, animal rights and all.
    very touchy one. speechless.
    court should see and judge. if the bear goes freely to rama’s home, they must let him stay there.

  3. Rama and Rani and Dulki are all part of a family. Where were the #*$!****** Govt. Officials when the Baby Bear got lost and followed Rama for shelter and security. Personally I believe the Media has got a role in all this. Why can’t the Media keep to the proper stories? Because of the Media’s irresponsibility disaster came into the lives of three LIVING CREATURES………….. who were living in harmony. Now the Law is Law. It is against the law to keep wlidlife as pets. It would have been better that Rama had come to know about the law and trained the poor animal to go back to the forest and to fend for itself. But as for Rama I think it was not possible because it required a lot of finances and support. In that case he could have taken the help of the officials!!!!!!!!!!! which I think in this country is quite unheard of as our officials are not trained themselves. As for the Law everybody knows that the ‘quote……Law is an ASS…….unquote’.

    1. Truly said Deepa, if only the legislation had empathy for the emotional connect between Dulki & Rani, the tale wouldn’t have met such a fate.
      As for media, you know the tides they turn to…they would follow the latest hairdo of the celebs, keep on with re-telecasts of apocalypse predictions but where averse from the land where a true story needs coverage…

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