RIP Shaktiman ― No Country for horses, hounds & humans?

horse hit in protests Uttarakhand
Police horse ‘Shaktiman’ who was injured during a BJP protest in Dehradun, died on April 20, 2016.

Lost to man’s wicked wars, the humanity, horses and hounds have all suffered collateral damages since early days and yet the abject cruelty refuses to wither.

In the otherwise pristine hill state of Uttarakhand, the shocking incident of a police horse being severely attacked by protesters was caught on video tape ― On March 14, during a protest march of the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) in Dehradun, BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi had allegedly attacked the police horse Shaktiman, who was deployed with the mounted police in Dehradun.

Shaktiman suffered multiple fractures in his hind leg during the protest and had to undergo amputation to stop the spread of gangrene. He was also provided with a prosthetic limb, thanks to the efforts of Jamie Vaughan who runs a US-based vet care NGO in Bhutan.

Unfortunately, the poor horse couldn’t survive.

How does attacking an innocent animal prove your point against the government or the system?  

Soon after the video of the incident spread across media outlets, the public outcry led to the arrest of the BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi (now out on bail).

RIP Shaktiman

RIP shaktiman horse injury
Jamie Vaughan, who runs a US-based NGO working for veterinary care in Bhutan, arranged for an artificial limb for Shaktiman from a US-based manufacturing firm.

“In every crowd engagement they [horses] are at the mercy of any vicious person who is too cowardly to do anything but injure the defenseless animal. ‘Shaktiman’ was a police officer on duty and the person who put him through so much pain and ultimately killed him should be arrested for killing a police officer.” ― Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister

RIP shaktimaan

Even the death of an innocent animal hasn’t really shook these political factions at war, who are back to their blame games. If only animals could vote…

“Shaktiman died the same day when he was attacked and his leg was broken. Horses with such weight have very little chance to live on three legs. We were mentally prepared for this but political parties are playing blame games.” 

― Gauri Maulekhi, Animal rights activist

Dog with Blog stands along-with the hoards of people across country who demand that stringent punishment is handed to the callous offender(s).

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3 thoughts on “RIP Shaktiman ― No Country for horses, hounds & humans?”

  1. That criminal who assaulted the horse so brutally should be given a few flogging on his butt – the minimum punishment!

  2. It is the saddest thing that we humans are so unkind. We are supposed to be intelligent and we are treating nature with such cruelty… I wish i believed in Karma… because these politicians will face no judgement no punishment… unfortunately poor animal have to suffer. Did you hear about the incident in chennai where a police officer beat a up a dog so badly that his eyes popped out?
    It makes my heart bleed.

  3. Congratulations! Your blog post was selected for Spicy Saturday Picks edition edition on April 23, 2016 at BlogAdda.

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