Police dog Zanjeer deserved Nobel peace prize!

police dog Zanjeer Bombay bomb blasts
Police dog Zanjeer, saved countless human lives in the aftermath of the Mumbai (Bombay) serial blasts of 1993.

Police dog Zanjeer

Zanjeer’s death and legacy

The heroics of Zanjeer were pivotal in laying the foundation for strong sniffer dog squads in state police forces across the country. Today most of the state police departments have dog squads (including among other foreign breeds even Rajapalayam (Indian Sighthound) and Indian street dogs!

Simba, the bomb detection of Mumbai Police received a much-deserved state funeral for his exemplary service to the nation. The brave dog was cremated with a three-gun salute at the Veterinary hospital in Parel, Mumbai. (March 2022)

In Ahmedabad Gujarat, the residents of society paid their last respects to the 18-year-old dog ‘Sonu’ who guarded the locality all her life.

ahmedabad dog burial
Ahmedabad residents paying their respects to the dog who guarded their neighbourhood for 18 years. ~Image courtesy Amit Dave/Reuters
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  1. Zanjeer will live In everyones heart forever. Nobel prize should b given to him n also statue to b made. He deserves it. Lots of love to Zanjeer Respect ?

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