Okja review — The best thing on Netflix you’d watch this year!

okja review

Never since Babe was there a movie that made viewers cringe at their platter.

Then came Okja.

For a plot that begins with an Eden dream in the far east — a little girl and her gentle beast, Okja certainly punches above its weight.

Like Keanu Reeves’ John Wick where he unleashed it all to avenge his little dog, Mija in Okja sweeps through seas to save her best friend. Her fearlessness and kindness matched only by the weird and wild CEO act of Tilda Swinton who leads the nefarious Mirando corporation.

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Okja Review

The story revolves around an evil MNC which plans to breed giant pig-like creatures by shipping them off to 26 far-off locations with local farmers. Only to have them returned and devoured 10 years later. One such pig growing up in the wilderness of gorgeous countryside happens to be Okja, Mija’s best friend.

Mija sees Okja with a lens that adult world refuses to wear. Even her grandpa couldn’t rationalize her reason.

In Okja — plaudits to the visual effects supervisor Erik-Jan de Boer, who won an Oscar for Life of Pithe story and the stark emotions it stirs take center stage hence nowhere do the VFX look forced.

Okja ALF - Animal Liberation Front
Watch out for ALF (Animal Liberation Front), played by Paul Dano, Lilly Collins and Steven Yeun.

The world for the innocent lead pair runs in unison. Mija has Okja and Okja has Mija.

The genres that this movie bends and blends goes beyond the run-of-the-mill my dog is my best friend movies. Go ahead and watch Okja – by far the best Netflix release this year (yes, I’ve considered Narcos, Stranger Things, and Mindhunter).

Complement this stunning visual experience with Sam Fuller’s masterpiece White Dog, Kornél Mundruczó’s White God, and then revisit the story of this donkey.

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