I am a dog in Kashmir valley…

dog in kashmir
Dog in Kashmir: Profiled this beauty while she was sunning herself (and posing?) after another spell of snow one evening. The light was suddenly crisper, the background starker, the surroundings calmer and Rani, well, just being herself. (Courtesy: Manu)

I am a dog in Kashmir valley…

My days go by meandering through meadows that media has long labelled menacing. Through terrains that spill of tyranny and terror threats, I make my way. But did I tell you that sunsets here are still splendid?

On some cold winter nights, Chenab, the old dog, from northern slopes, tells of tales she heard from her flock. How the valley was once serene. How they once sent a dog to space only to never return… 

Kashmir dog Gulmarg
Image courtesy: Farhat

I don’t understand much of what goes around here — from people who pelt stones on my kind to the protests that are there almost every other day. At times, I am confounded as to why Gulfam shoos me away while his sister Nazia always pats my mane so kindly.

All in a home and yet so different.

kashmir dog
Sheru and Kaali do not hold back the warmth and love they so innately possess.  Be around a dog, in any way you can, give whatever little time that can be afforded, indulge it when you can, and prepare to feel the innumerable happy ways all the love, goodness and positivity is reciprocated.  (Courtesy: Manu)

Manu, the army-man friend of mine often tells of his pets back home — Simba and Bagheera (and getting spoilt with twice the dose of dog love 24*7). On some serene evenings, the philosopher in him mulls how humans – time and again, fail to give it back to dogs the same measure of love.

Once on a laidback summer noon, he read me a story that still wells up my eyes.  

Kashmir puppy Himalaya
Remember the cute pups from Bhimtal we had posted for adoption last year? Simba and Bagheera were adopted by Manu & Anuja.
kashmir dog

 The evening is turning greyer by the minute and I smell splinters burning at a distance. Nothing like a slow burn that intensifies into a bonfire.

Go, I must.

May pandemonium make way for peace, take care!

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