I am a Vatican city dog…

vatican city dog

I am a dog in Vatican city.

My collar reads Aries, ‘the god of war’, however, if I could I’d choose Eros. Greek god of love and attraction. Now that’s a name befitting a dog.

Life and times of the Vatican city dog

I live a rather sedentary life in this great city that’s Roma (Vatican city too!). In bells and chimes, pebbled roads and long leisurely walks, I find my zen.

My human is a policeman but I am no police dog. Although The Pope once told me that I am a doggo destined for greatness (aren’t all dogs?)

Take my friend Frida, for instance, she has saved 53 humans in her lifetime!

dog Vatican city
If you haven’t found it yet. Keep Looking. Never settle.

I once devoured a book… was it by John Gardner or Dostoyevsky I can’t really tell. I remember what it read though, ‘There are only two possible stories: a man goes on a journey, or a stranger comes to town.’

So traveler what’s your story?

Aye, squirrel… I gotta go!

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