I am a cat in Coorg

Cat In Coorg

I am a cat in Coorg.

In the greens of the placid hill slopes, I live amid coffee plantation and pepper vines.

Markets of Madikeri to off-road escapades, my days often see SUVs which lay to waste much of the little things I care for.

Some nights on secluded homestay(s) I come across an occasional dreamer under the canopy of the trees. Joining stars with finger swipes. Just when I assume that they’ve got the worldly noise faded out, perhaps the only semblance of meditation I could understand, their phone vibrates… As they put the phone back in the pocket and look up, the stars don’t seem that bright. The luminescence is lost to their smartphone screens.

Moments are so easily lost.

I live a life too wild to be domesticated but my cousins in Bangalore are looking for a home, know of one?

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