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I am a Nainital dog…

Nainital dog

There are days when I want to walk up to you and scream in your face:
“No one else gets you like I do, now let’s get the hell out of here.”
― Iain S. Thomas

Love is where the dog is…

Just another Nainital dog…

I am a doggo in Nainital. The one peeking in from the extreme left. There are things I wish to speak but never do. Like how pleasant it is here amid deodars and grey hovering clouds; all tranquil until the tourists arrive with their blaring horns and beer bottles.

Travellers, I have also liked, but tourists still need to learn.

Just the other day, the broken glass protruded through my paws. It is not as worse as Sheru’s wound which left his hind leg bad for life.

The rains have begun again. The clouds have risen from the valley and I can almost bite into them. Maybe you should try that the next time you visit the hills. After all camera filters can’t quite capture the taste. Can they?

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