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Tata stray dogs – a kennel for homeless dogs at Tata HQ

tata stray dogs
A special dog kennel for the many friendly Tata stray dogs is now part of the 94-year-old office building ~Save Our Strays

With a presence in over 100 countries across six continents, the salt to steel conglomerate Tata Group lives by ethics that are rare to find in the business world. The visitors to their headquarters Bombay House are often in for a surprise when they see Tata stray dogs roaming freely and cared for.

Tata stray dogs

The legend of stray dogs at Bombay House

The stray dogs that live in and around Bombay House, Tata Son’s global HQ, have been welcomed into the building since early days. As the story goes, the dog-loving entrepreneur JRD Tata, on seeing the stray dogs around the building welcomed them in. Since then, in true Tata tradition, the dogs have not been turned away as they find refuge from rain and sun in the building. With Ratan Tata being a dog lover, the JRD wish lives on…

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All the dogs at Bombay House have been given names by the security guards and are fed daily. They get regular vaccines and have access to vet care whenever needed. The neighbourhood stray dogs are even given a bath and cleaned by an external agency once a week.

Goa is one of the strays who call the building home and is an occupant of the kennel at the Tata Sons HO. He earned his name as he journeyed from Goa to Bombay as a puppy in the car of a senior Tata executive and refused to get off.

Ratan Tata stray dog
Ratan Tata with ‘Goa’, one of the stray dogs in Tata House. Goa waits for Mr Tata to arrive each morning in Bombay House and ride up the elevator with him.

The stray dogs were cared for even during the renovation efforts

About a year ago when the senior brass of Tata Leadership moved to a temporary office as renovations were underway at Bombay house. The four-legged residents of the building were also taken along with.

The 94-year-old heritage building has now been revamped but the dogs are still welcomed. The official press release read: “In a first for Bombay House, a kennel has been created for the canine friends who have been an integral part of the building for decades.”

We have Google explicitly mentioning that they are a dog company and also Brewdog, the beer company which celebrates dogs.

Hope other corporate houses also take up such initiative!

Tata Trusts Small Animal Hospital Mumbai

Mumbai animal hospital Tata

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    1. Hey… can I receive a contact detail for Tata Stray dogs center..as I want to give admission to 4 5 dogs… who are stary dogs.. I have already adopted 1 stray dog.. request you to please shre the contact detail on my mail id. .


  1. Anurupa Dasgupta

    Requesting fervently to take some initiative like building shelter or conducting feeding program for stray dogs of Bhim Nagar Road, Kondivita, Andheri East Mumbai,near Anand Prakash Suyog CHS – have been feeding them and have sterilized all female dogs who I feed …but since my husband, myself and my sister are tenants and not permanent residents,I request for long term caregiving for these animals and yes we are ready to share the cost.
    Anurupa Basu Dasgupta
    Email: its.nikhilesh@gmail.com

  2. House of Tata known for their Charity, is it possible to share their adoption method and treatment of Stray Dogs in Suburban Mumbai

  3. Sandeep Banerjee

    Conditions in Howrah, West Bengal is quite bad.. there are no such organisation who are ready to take care of the suffered dogs quickly and properly. Can you guide me.I am losing hope day by day.

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