How ET found home? A cat adoption story!

cat adoption story

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Inaia Jimenez, the DJ/musician and yogini since early 2011. Bonded over a shared passion of all things dogs and cats (in that order). After a prolonged hiatus, I found in my mailbox yesterday, a heartwarming cat adoption story from Inaia… 

ET, the cat adoption story.

On September 5th 2017, I rescued an orange cat. He was dying under a car in the parking lot of my building. Hit by a car, this stick-skinny cat had a bone sticking out of his leg. He had almost no fur and was covered in scabs.

Alone. Hungry. In severe pain.

And then he rescued me and my whole family.

The cat in the parking lot

The day I saved him wasn’t the first time I had seen him. I had been aware of his existence in the parking lot for about a week but hadn’t realized what terrible shape he was in. Having seen him under the car, I had taken him food and water but he never tried to stand up or walk. A week after I first saw him, he had found a spot under my car. When he saw me get into my car, and he started to leave, that is when I realized what terrible shape he was in. I immediately called my friend who volunteers for a rescue organization. He and his people said I could take the cat to get checked out at a nearby veterinarian’s office that they had a relationship with. I just needed to trap him first.

I rounded up my husband and our friendly neighbors, a couple who love animals as well. It took all four of us surrounding, coaxing, calming and trapping the kitty. At some point in the process, the cat aggravated his already terrible injuries, even worse and could no longer move or feel his hind quarter at all. He was dragging himself using his front legs when we were finally able to trap him and put him in a carrier. It was heartbreaking to see.

He was in terrible pain and he was terrified. I had no idea how I could help this cat. I wanted so desperately to help this poor cat and see him looking chubby and furry, sleeping on someone’s warm belly under the covers but I felt powerless to make a difference in his life, thinking about the costs and the small space we live in.

A cat called ET

At the Veterinarian’s office, I had to write a name for the cat. I looked at his thin, triangular-shaped face and disproportionately large eyes decided he looked like a beat-up little alien and named him ET. We took him to the vet, who told us that we had “picked a doozy” and that he would do his best to help.

cat adopted
A cat called ET.

This was the beginning of several months of daily visits with ET in the veterinarian’s office, a slew of procedures, antibiotics, supplements and tireless efforts to save ET and his broken, infected leg. We created a crowdfunding campaign for the purpose of covering ET’s medicals costs. People were moved and they donated to the campaign and shared it with their friends. The rescue organization made deals with doctors and helped us keep the costs as low as possible. All this support resulted in us raising all the money ET needed for his care.

cat friends
ET and Mr Gonzalez.

The amputation

Unfortunately, the infection in his leg remained after one month on antibiotics and the doctors recommended amputation in order to save ET. We had truly tried everything to save his leg, and now it was time to let go and embrace the next steps in the process to save ET.

The amputation went well, and he came back to our house to recover. ET ended up seamlessly transitioning into an integral member of our household. Our young, black kitty, Mr Gonzalez plays with him nonstop. ET and Mr Gonzalez talk to each other and hug and, when one calls, the other comes over to play. Every time. Even at 4 am.

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ET and Chloe, our 15-yr-old tabby girl, cuddle and groom each other with tenderness and enthusiasm for hours each day. ET’s favorite spot is in the center of our couch. He eats like a champ and keeps putting on mass and getting stronger, more relaxed and confident every day. My husband, cuddles and loves on ET every chance he gets while and I am obsessed with kissing, scratching, petting and cuddling him. Our whole family has fallen in love with ET. I can’t imagine our home without him.

cat in guitar box

Play me a song, would you?I am so glad that I ignored all the thoughts and fears I had about my ability to help him, and took action. I reached out to my community and people stepped up and came together. The people who showed up, presented me to the beauty of humans. We saved this sweet soul’s life because we came together.

And in uniting, we made sure that ET was finally home.

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Remembering my first dog friend, Snoopy!

Remembering my first dog
“Whatever you are looking for, is also looking for you” ~ Rumi.

Little is the time we get with our truest friends, dogs. Their lives too short, hearts too swell. In this guest post, Monika reminisces her first pet, Snoopy.

Remembering my first dog

We never knew what selfless love is until we met SNOOPY!

Snoopy our love, was a desi dog, innocent and immaculate. I first met her on a summer night. There she was a lifesize teddy bear tiptoeing my dad’s footsteps. My father had late night office hours those days and it soon became Snoopy’s habit to follow my father (maybe she wanted to be part of the family). We too became habitual of seeing him patting and feeding her.

We never raised a pet before we met Snoopy. It was only later that we realized that she was an abandoned dog.

Oh did I tell you, we named her after the beloved dog in Peanuts?

Remembering my first dog

One monsoon evening when my mother went out to feed Snoopy, she could not find her at the usual place. We called her repeatedly but she did not come. We had that sinking feeling you get when someone precious goes missing.

The next morning my mother found Snoopy a little far from the home. Someone had hit her and she was unable to walk. Despite her fractured leg, her tail still swayed with love. We brought her home that morning. From here on, she was our adopted pet.

Life with dogs is a world in itself and we found ours with Snoopy. Her little mischiefs kept us busy all day long. As soon as I’d reach home, she was the first to jump upon and hug me.

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Through the seasons, Snoopy was always there for us. Her mere presence draining away all the day’s debris. Once when I was home alone, a little timid teenager, she watched over me the entire night. There she was my dark knight guarding me against creatures of the dark.

She played many an avatar – my guardian, the best friend and soul sister.  To my parents, she was their daughter, cherished and pampered way more than us. And she deserved it all!

I still hope that someday she’d return to our family in another form. Dogs don’t die. She will always be cherished by us. The memorable time that we spent with her is priceless.

She wasn’t just a dog but family.

All dogs are…

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Kartika’s heartwarming dog tribute for her forever best friend

heartwarming dog tribute

Kartika reminisces the life and times of her beloved best friend in this heartwarming dog tribute.

It all started with me leaving my hometown to go to college. Being the only child of my parents I was worried about them missing me too much.

It was just around this time that my uncle’s dog had puppies and I brought one home as a delightful distraction for my parents when I was away.

I named him Kodulal. His vaccination card read Kodulal Sitoke (which always raised eyebrows).

My father being a doctor with all the rules about hygiene had an aversion to pets (What about hair everywhere and the germs?). I left for my college worried that by the time I return for the break he will be dismissed back to the farm.

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But I came back to a very different scene, my parents loved him more than me! This beautiful creature had everyone wrapped around his paws. Following my Mom around the house. Rejoicing when Papa came home. Playing with me whenever I was visiting home. Chasing squirrels in the backyard. He would bark at tiny ants and bees but a cow or donkey was too big for him.

dog thoughts

Among many tricks he learned, opening the balcony door latch was always amusing to me. He’d sit and observe the world outside or wait for us to come home. Often late in the night, he would start howling to run outside. After all, the backyard was his kingdom and he had to do his rounds.

By the time he turned six, he began falling sick quite often. Our beloved Kodulal was diagnosed with kidney stones. The vet ran blood tests for him – too sick for surgery or anesthesia.

The antibiotics would work for some time and then he would relapse again. He understood that he was being treated.

My mom would give him injections, mind you these were painful heavy dosages and he would take it all silently as if he knew it was for his best. He would open his mouth and swallow the tablets and the liquid medicines that my mom would pour in his mouth. He understood that he needed them.

Despite his pain, he made sure to wag his tail with happiness at the slightest of eye contact.

How we underestimate these furry beautiful creatures?

There’s so much we don’t understand about them. The quantum of love they’ve for us. The trust they place in our trembling feeble hands… I wonder if we do any justice to all the love they give us.

Kodulal left us at the age of 7. We were all heartbroken. My mother felt the severest of this wrenching pain.  Kodulal would follow Maa all the time, never once leaving her side… theirs was the strongest bond.

Kodulal is buried in our backyard. In his lovely kingdom where he grew up and ruled.

Always loved. Forever missed. Never forgotten!

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